An Autoregulation Unit for Enabling Adaptive Control of Sensorized Left Ventricular Assist Device

Fontana, Rossella ;   Silvestri, Michele ;   Tortora, Giuseppe ;   Vatteroni, Monica ;   Trivella, Maria G. ;   Dario, Paolo

Tags Ventricular assist devicesHeart failure

This paper proposes an integrated system for facing heart failures (HF) in an innovative way. Existing left ventricular assist devices (LVAD...

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Application of a Search Algorithm Using Stochastic Behaviors to Autonomous Control of a Ventricular Assist Device

Ohnuma, Kentaro ;   Sumikura, Hirohito ;   Homma, Akihiko ;   Tsukiya, Tomonori ;   Mizuno, Toshihide ;   Takewa, Yoshiaki ;   Tatsumi, Eisuke

Tags Ventricular assist devicesArtificial heart and valvesHeart failure

A ventricular assist device (VAD) is a device with mechanical pumps implanted adjacent to the patient's native heart to support the blood...

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Experimental Integration of Autoregulation Unit for Left Ventricular Assist Devices in a Cardiovascular Hybrid Simulator

Tortora, Giuseppe ;   Fontana, Rossella ;   Fresiello, Libera ;   Di Molfetta, Arianna ;   Silvestri, Michele ;   Vatteroni, Monica ;   Zieli?ski, Krzysztof ;   Kozarski, Maciej ;   Trivella, Maria G. ;   Dario, Paolo ;   Ferrari, Gianfranco

Tags Ventricular assist devicesHemodynamicsCardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

In this paper, an Autoregulation Unit (ARU) for left ventricular sensorized assist devices (LVAD) has been used with a cardiovascular hybrid...

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In-Vitro Evaluation of Physiological Controller Response of Rotary Blood Pumps to Changes in Patient State

Pauls, Jo ;   Gregory, Shaun David ;   Stevens, Michael Charles ;   Tansley, Geoff

Tags Ventricular assist devices

Rotary blood pumps (RBPs) have a low sensitivity to preload changes when run at constant speed, which can lead to harmful ventricular...

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Safety Considerations for Wireless Delivery of Continuous Power to Implanted Medical Devices

Lucke, Lori ;   Bluvshtein, Vlad

Tags Ventricular assist devicesHeart failure

Wireless power systems for use with implants are referred to as transcutaneous energy transmission systems (TETS) and consist of an...

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