A Setup for the Assessment of the Effect of Tubular Confinement on the Acoustic Response of Microbubbles

Butler, Mairead ;   Dermitzakis, Aris ;   Looney, Padraig ;   Thomas, David ;   Pye, Stephen ;   Sboros, Vassilis

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imaging

Ultrasound contrast agents are gas filled microbubbles which produced enhanced echoes in ultrasound imaging thus allowing the acquisition of...

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Anisotropic Diffusion Filter Based Edge Enhancement for the Segmentation of Carotid Intima-Media Layer in Ultrasound Images Using Variational Level Set Method without Re-Initialisation

Krishnaswamy, Sumathi ;   Anandh, K R ;   Veezhinathan, Mahesh ;   Ramakrishnan, Swaminathan

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imagingUltrasonic vascular imagingImage segmentation

In this work an attempt has been made to enhance the edges and segment the boundary of intima-media layer of Common Carotid Artery (CCA)...

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Cervical Attenuation As a Measure of Preterm Delivery: Impact of Different Region of Interest Sizes

Kumar, Viksit ;   Bigelow, Timothy ;   McFarlin, Barbara

Tags Ultrasonic prenatal imaging

One to five transvaginal ultrasound scans were taken of 63 women to estimate the microstructural changes in cervix using ultrasonic...

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Comparative Study on Shear Wave Speed Estimation Algorithms in ARFI for Improving Its Reliability

Yang, Jinying ;   Wang, Congzhi ;   Qiu, Weibao ;   Zheng, Hairong

Tags ElastographyImage denoisingImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

Quantitatively assessing the tissue stiffness with acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) method has proved its worth in clinical trials. Much...

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Relation of Arterial Stiffness and Axial Motion of the Carotid Artery Wall – A Pilot Study to Test our Motion Tracking Algorithm in Practice

Yli-Ollila, Heikki ;   Laitinen, Tomi ;   Weckström, Matti ;   Tarvainen, Mika ;   Laitinen, Tiina Marja

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingImage filtering

Recently researchers have shown growing interest in axial motion of common carotid artery wall. The amplitude of the axial motion of the wall...

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Scanning-Mode 2D Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (s2D-ARFI) Imaging Based on GPU Acceleration

Wang, Congzhi ;   Zeng, Bo ;   Qiu, Weibao ;   Zheng, Hairong

Tags ElastographyImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

Acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) technique is a quantitative method for tissue stiffness assessment. It has been proved to be less...

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Ultrasound Imaging and Semi-Automatic Analysis of Active Muscle Features in Electrical Stimulation by Optical Flow

Kawamoto, Shota ;   Yu, Wenwei ;   Imamoglu, Nevrez ;   Kita, Kahori ;   Gomez Tames, Jose David

Tags Doppler ultrasonic imagingImage feature extraction

Ultrasound imaging is an effective way to measure the muscle activity in electrical stimulation studies. However, it is a time consuming task to...

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