A Non-Linear Iterative Method for Multi-Layer DOT Sub-Surface Imaging System

Hou, Hsiang-Wen ;   Wu, Shih-Yang ;   Sun, Hao-Jan ;   Fang, Wai-Chi

Tags Diffuse optical tomographyIterative image reconstructionInfra-red imaging

Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) has become an emerging non-invasive technology, and has been widely used in clinical diagnosis. Functional...

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A Projection Selection Method to Improve Image Quality in Optical Projection Tomography

Guo, Jin ;   Yang, Yujie ;   Dong, Di ;   Shi, Liangliang ;   Hui, Hui ;   Xu, Min ;   Tian, Jie ;   Liu, Xia

Tags Optical imagingImage enhancementOptical molecular imaging

Optical projection tomography (OPT) is a very important imaging tool for a mesoscopic-scale. It can provide three dimensional (3D)...

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An Efficient Steganography Method for Hiding Patient Confidential Information

Al-Dmour, Hayat ;   Al-Ani, Ahmed ;   Nguyen, Hung T.

Tags Optical imaging

This paper deals with the important issue of security and confidentiality of patient information when exchanging or storing medical images....

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An Improved Method for Velocity Estimation of Red Blood Cell in Microcirculation

Lin, Wen-Chen ;   Lin, Tung-Ju ;   Tsai, Cheng-Lun ;   Lin, Kang Ping

Tags Optical vascular imagingFluorescence microscopyOptical imaging

This paper presents a coarse-to-fine combined method for dealing with large displacement situations caused by low speed of frame rate in...

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Automatic Detection of Microdots in the Stromal Layer of Corneal Images

Wigdahl, Jeffrey ;   Guimarães, Pedro ;   Poletti, Enea ;   Ruggeri, Alfredo

Tags Confocal microscopyRetinal image analysisImage segmentation

Microdots are bright, 1-2 micrometer features of the cornea. It has not been proven what these dots represent, but they are thought to be...

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Comparison of Normalization Algorithms for Cross-Batch Color Segmentation of Histopathological Images

Hoffman, Ryan ;   Kothari, Sonal ;   Wang, May D.

Tags Optical imagingImage segmentation

Automated processing of digital histopathology slides has the potential to streamline patient care and provide new tools for cancer...

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Hyperspectroscopic Imager for Baby Fibers

Nagaoka, Takashi ;   Nakamura, Atsushi ;   Toshio, Yamazaki ;   Yusuke, Nakata ;   Kazuo, Endo ;   Tomoyuki, Sakaguchi ;   Kawata, Noboru ;   Sota, Takayuki

Tags Optical imagingNear infra-red spectroscopy

Hyperspectral imaging system for diagnosing digestive diseases was newly developed in order to obtain information on pathology beyond...

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Imaging of the 3D Dynamics of Flagellar Beating in Human Sperm

Silva Villalobos, Frank ;   Pimentel, Jaime Arturo ;   Darszon, Alberto ;   Corkidi, Gabriel

Tags Optical imaging

The study of the mechanical and environmental factors that regulate a fundamental event such as fertilization have been subject of multiple...

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Three-Dimensional Vascular Smooth Muscle Orientation as Quantitatively Assessed by Multiphoton Microscopy: Mouse Carotid Arteries Do Show a Helix

Spronck, Bart ;   Megens, Remco ;   Reesink, Koen Daniël ;   Delhaas, Tammo

Tags Multi photon imagingImage feature extractionFunctional image analysis

Smooth muscle cells (SMCs) play a pivotal role in regulating vascular tone in arteries, and are therefore an essential part of constitutive...

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