Boosting Training for Myoelectric Pattern Recognition using Mixed-LDA

Liu, Jianwei ;   Sheng, Xinjun ;   Zhang, Dingguo ;   Zhu, Xiangyang

Tags Biomedical signal classification

Pattern recognition based myoelectric prostheses (MP) need a training procedure for calibrating the classifier. Due to the non-stationarity...

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Comparison between Wire and Wireless EEG Acquisition Systems Based on SSVEP in an Independent-BCI

Bastos, Teodiano ;   Müller, Sandra Mara Torres ;   Godinez Tello, Richard ;   Ferreira, Andre

Tags Biomedical signal classificationTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsSignal processing in physiological systems

This paper presents a comparison between two different technologies of acquisition systems (BrainNet36 and Emotiv Epoc) for an...

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Human Motion Segmentation by Data Point Classification

Lin, Jonathan Feng-Shun ;   Joukov, Vladimir ;   Kulic, Dana

Tags Biomedical signal classificationMultivariate signal processingSignal processing in physiological systems

Contemporary physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice uses subjective measures for motion evaluation and requires time-consuming...

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Motion Discrimination Technique by EMG Signals Using Hyper-Sphere Model

Yamamoto, Tetsushi ;   Tsujiuchi, Nobutaka ;   Ito, Akihito ;   Koizumi, Takayuki

Tags Biomedical signal classificationSignals and systemsSignal processing in physiological systems

Since hands and fingers shape most of our intellectual activities, they play various, critical roles in our daily lives. Many forearm amputees...

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Multi-Class ERP-Based BCI Data Analysis Using a Discriminant Space Self-Organizing Map

Onishi, Akinari ;   Natsume, Kiyohisa

Tags Biomedical signal classificationNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

Emotional or non-emotional image stimulus is recently applied to event-related potential (ERP) based brain computer interfaces (BCI). Though...

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The Effect of Window Size and Lead Time on Pre-Impact Fall Detection Accuracy Using Support Vector Machine Analysis of Waist Mounted Inertial Sensor Data

Aziz, Omar ;   Russell, Colin ;   Park, Edward J. ;   Robinovitch, Stephen

Tags Biomedical signal classificationPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignalsNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

Falls are a major cause of death and morbidity in older adults. In recent years many researchers have examined the role of wearable inertial...

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Unsupervised Discrimination of Motor Unit Action Potentials Using Spectrograms

Pham, Thuy T. ;   Fuglevand, Andrew ;   McEwan, Alistair ;   Leong, Philip Heng Wai

Tags Biomedical signal classificationData mining in biosignals

Single motor unit activity study is a major research interest because changes of MUAP morphology, MU activation, and MU recruitment provide...

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Using Surface Electromyography (SEMG) to Classify Low Back Pain Based on Lifting Capacity Evaluation with Principal Component Analysis Neural Network Method

Hung, Chia-Chun ;   Shen, Tsu-Wang (David) ;   Liang, Chung-Chao

Tags Biomedical signal classificationPrincipal component analysis

Low back pain (LBP) is a leading cause of disability. The population with low back pain is continuously growing in the recent years. This study...

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