Development of New Muscle Contraction Sensor to Replace sEMG for Using in Muscles Analysis Fields

Zhang, Di ;   Matsuoka, Yusuke ;   Kong, Weisheng ;   Imtiaz, Usama ;   Bartolomeo, Luca ;   Cosentino, Sarah ;   Zecca, Massimiliano ;   Sessa, Salvatore ;   Ishii, Hiroyuki ;   Takanishi, Atsuo

Tags New sensing techniquesBiological sensors and systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

Nowadays, the technologies for detecting, processing and interpreting bioelectrical signals have improved tremendously. In particular, surface...

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Estimating Surgical Needle Deflection with Printed Strain Gauges

Hammond, Frank L. ;   Smith, Michael ;   Wood, Robert

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsNew sensing techniques

The ability to track surgical needle deflection during procedures such as therapeutic drug delivery, biopsies, and medical device implantation...

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Flexible Intramuscular Micro Tube Electrode Combining Electrical and Chemical Interface

Tian, Hong-Chang ;   Liu, Jing-Quan ;   Du, Jingcheng ;   Kang, Xiao-Yang ;   Zhang, Chuan ;   Yang, Bin ;   Chen, Xiang ;   Yang, Chunsheng

Tags Implantable technologiesProsthetic devicesMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

With the rapidly developed micromachining technology, various kinds of sophisticated microelectrodes integrated with micro fluidic channels are...

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Multi-Channel LED Light Source for Fluorescent Agent Aided Minimally Invasive Surgery

Ren, Jiacheng ;   Venugopalan, Janani ;   Xu, Jian ;   Kairdolf, Brad ;   Wang, May D.

Tags New sensing techniquesPortable miniaturized systems

Cancer is one of the most common and deadly diseases around the world. Amongst all the different treatments of cancer such as surgery,...

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Sleep Monitoring Using Body Sounds and Motion Tracking

Kalkbrenner, Christoph ;   Stark, Philipp Christian ;   Kouemou, Guy Leonard ;   Algorri, Maria-Elena ;   Brucher, Rainer

Tags Acoustic sensors and systemsPortable miniaturized systemsWearable systems

This paper presents a system for sleep monitoring that can continuously analyze snoring, breathing, sleep phases and the activity of the...

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Wireless Impedance Measurements for Monitoring Peripheral Vascular Disease

Celinskis, Dmitrijs ;   Towe, Bruce

Tags New sensing techniquesLow power, wireless sensing methodsAcoustic sensors and systems

Wireless microdevices powered by ultrasound energy have been fabricated to measure and telemeter tissue impedance spectrums for...

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