A Textile-Based Wearable System for the Prolonged Assessment of Cardiac Mechanics in Daily Life

Di Rienzo, Marco ;   Vaini, Emanuele ;   Castiglioni, Paolo ;   Lombardi, Prospero ;   Meriggi, Paolo ;   Rizzo, Francesco

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsSmart textile and clothesWearable systems

Seismocardiogram, SCG, can be detected over the 24 hours in ambulant subjects by a textile-based wearable system together with the...

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Inertial Measurements of Free-Living Activities: Assessing Mobility to Predict Falls

Wang, Kejia ;   Lovell, Nigel H. ;   Del Rosario, Michael Benjamin ;   Liu, Ying ;   Wang, Jingjing ;   Narayanan, Michael Ravi ;   Brodie, Matthew Andrew Dalhousie ;   Delbaere, Kim ;   Menant, Jasmine ;   Lord, Stephen ;   Redmond, Stephen James

Tags Wearable systemsWireless sensors and systems

An exploratory analysis was conducted into how simple features, from acceleration at the lower back and ankle during simulated free-living...

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Leveraging Intensive Longitudinal Data to Better Understand Health Behaviors

Timms, Kevin ;   Martin, Cesar ;   Rivera, Daniel ;   Hekler, Eric ;   Riley, William

Tags New sensing techniquesWearable systemsPhysiological monitoring

Behavioral scientists have historically relied on static modeling methodologies. The rise in mobile and wearable sensors has made intensive...

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The Importance of Behavior Theory in Control System Modeling of Physical Activity Sensor Data

Riley, William ;   Martin, Cesar ;   Rivera, Daniel

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

Among health behaviors, physical activity has the most extensive record of research using passive sensors. Control systems and other system...

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The Kunming CalFit Study: Modeling Dietary Behavioral Patterns Using Smartphone Data

Seto, Edmund ;   Hua, Jenna ;   Wu, Lemuel ;   Bestick, Aaron ;   Shia, Victor ;   Eom, Sue ;   Han, Jay ;   Wang, May ;   Li, Yan

Tags Physiological monitoringMechanical sensors and systemsNew sensing techniques

Human behavioral interventions aimed at improving health can benefit from objective wearable sensor data and mathematical models....

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Understanding Smoking Behavior Using Wearable Sensors: Relative Importance of Various Sensor Modalities

Patil, Yogendra ;   Tiffany, Stephen ;   Sazonov, Edward

Tags Wearable systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

The Personal Automatic Cigarette Tracker (PACT) system, which consists of abdominal (AB) and thoracic (TC) breathing sensors, and a RF...

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