A Bacterial Spore Model of Pulsed Electric Fields on Spore Morphology Change Revealed by Simulation and SEM

Qiu, Xing ;   Lee, Yin Tung ;   Yung, Pun To

Tags Biomechanics modelingCell modelingMultiscale modeling

A two-layered spore model was proposed to analyze morphological change of bacterial spores subjected under pulsed electric fields. The outer...

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A Biological Plausible Generalized Leaky Integrate-And-Fire Neuron Model

Wang, Zhenzhong ;   Guo, Lilin ;   Adjouadi, Malek

Tags Advances in theory of biological networks

This study introduces a new Generalized Leaky Integrate-and-Fire (GLIF) neuron model. Unlike Normal Leaky Integrate-and-Fire (NLIF) models,...

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Discrete Stochastic Model for the Generation of Axonal Trees

Mottini, Alejandro ;   Descombes, Xavier ;   Besse, Florence ;   Pechersky, Eugene

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingParameter estimationCell modeling

In this work we propose a 2D discrete stochastic model for the simulation of axonal biogenesis. The model is defined by a third order Markov...

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Effects of Mechanical Properties on Tumor Invasion: Insights from a Cellular Model

Li, Yingzi ;   Naveed, Hammad ;   Liang, Jie ;   Xu, Lisa Xuemin

Tags Cell modelingBiomechanics modelingModeling of biomolecular system dynamics

Understanding the regulating mechanism of tumor invasion is of crucial importance for both fundamental cancer research and clinical...

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Entrainability of Cell Cycle Oscillator Models with Exponential Growth of Cell Mass

Nakao, Mitsuyuki ;   Enkhkhudulmur, Tsog-Erdene ;   Katayama, Norihiro ;   Karashima, Akihiro

Tags Cell modelingModeling of biomolecular system dynamics

Among various aspects of cell cycle, understanding synchronization mechanism of cell cycle is important because of the following reasons....

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Mechanical Characterization of ART-Treated Jurkat Cells Using Optical Tweezers

Khakshour, Samaneh ;   Beischlag, Timothy V. ;   Sparrey, Carolyn ;   Park, Edward J.

Tags Cell modelingBiomechanics modelingParameter estimation

Acute lymphoid leukemia is a common type of blood cancer and chemotherapy is the initial treatment of choice. Quantifying the effectiveness...

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