Cortical Encoding of Phonemic Context During Word Production

Mugler, Emily ;   Goldrick, Matthew ;   Slutzky, Marc

Tags Neural signal processingBrain physiology and modeling - Neural circuitsHuman performance - Speech

Brain-computer interfaces that directly decode speech could restore communication to locked-in individuals. However, decoding speech from...

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Modeling Vocalization with ECoG Cortical Activity Recorded During Vocal Production in the Macaque Monkey

Fukushima, Makoto ;   Saunders, Richard ;   Fujii, Naotaka ;   Averbeck, Bruno ;   Mishkin, Mortimer

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyNeural signal processing

Vocal production is an example of controlled motor behavior with high temporal precision. Previous studies have decoded auditory evoked...

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Neural Decoding of Spoken Vowels from Human Sensory-Motor Cortex with High-Density Electrocorticography

Bouchard, Kristofer ;   Chang, Edward

Tags Neuromuscular systems - Central mechanismsNeural signals - CodingNeurological disorders - Epilepsy

We present the first demonstration of singletrial neural decoding of vowel acoustic features during speech production with high performance....

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Rapid and Low-Invasive Functional Brain Mapping by Realtime Visualization of High Gamma Activity for Awake Craniotomy

Kamada, Kyousuke ;   Ogawa, Hiroshi ;   Kapeller, Christoph ;   Prueckl, Robert ;   Guger, Christoph

Tags Clinical neurophysiologyBrain functional imaging

For neurosurgery with an awake craniotomy, the critical issue is to set aside enough time to identify eloquent cortices by electrocortical...

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Time Varying Effective Connectivity for Describing Brain Network Changes Induced by a Memory Rehabilitation Treatment

Toppi, Jlenia ;   Mattia, Donatella ;   Anzolin, Alessandra ;   Risetti, Monica ;   Petti, Manuela ;   Cincotti, Febo ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Astolfi, Laura

Tags Clinical neurophysiologyNeurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesNeurological disorders - Stroke

In clinical practice, cognitive impairment is often observed after stroke. The efficacy of rehabilitative interventions is routinely assessed by...

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Using Speech and Electrocorticography to Map Human Auditory Cortex

Greenlee, Jeremy ;   Behroozmand, Roozbeh ;   Nourski, Kirill ;   Oya, Hiroyuki ;   Kawasaki, Hiroto ;   Howard III, Matthew

Tags Brain functional imagingBrain functional imaging - Mapping

Much less is known about the organization of the human auditory cortex compared to non-human primate auditory cortices. In an effort to...

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