A Framework for Quantification of Regional Cardiac Fibrosis from Serial Sections Using 3D Whole Slide Imaging

Gilbert, Stephen Henry ;   Bernus, Olivier ;   White, Ed ;   Roberts, Nick ;   Treanor, Darren ;   Magee, Derek

Tags Cardiovascular structureCardiac muscle modelingCardiac muscle mechanics

Pathological cardiac fibrosis is important in predisposing the heart to arrhythmia and mechanical failure. The regional distribution of fibrosis...

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Emax Monitoring by Aortic Pressure Waveform Analysis

Gao, Mingwu ;   Moslehpour, Mohsen ;   Olivier, Bari ;   Mukkamala, Ramakrishna

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCardiovascular signal processingVentricular models

Abstract-Emax - the maximal left ventricular elastance - is perhaps the best available scalar index of contractility. However, the conventional...

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Graph-Cuts Based Reconstructing Patient Specific Right Ventricle: First Human Study

Zhong, Liang ;   Wan, Min ;   Su, Yi ;   Teo, Soo Kng ;   Lim, Calvin ;   Zhao, Xiaodan ;   Zhang, Jun-Mei ;   Su, Boyang ;   Tan, Ru San

Tags Cardiac modelingCardiovascular structureCardiovascular system modeling

Right ventricular (RV) function is increasingly recognized to play an important role in the clinical status and long-term outcome in patients...

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Model Based Non-Invasive Estimation of PV Loop from Echocardiography

Itu, Lucian ;   Sharma, Puneet ;   Georgescu, Bogdan ;   Kamen, Ali ;   Suciu, Constantin ;   Comaniciu, Dorin

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCardiovascular system modelingVentricular models

We introduce a model-based approach for the non-invasive estimation of patient specific, left ventricular PV loops. A lumped parameter...

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Nonlinear Multiscale Circulation Model Reproducable Linear End-Systolic Pressure-Volume Relationship

Shimayoshi, Takao ;   Mishima, Mitsuharu ;   Amano, Akira ;   Matsuda, Tetsuya

Tags Cardiovascular system modelingCirculation modelsCardiac modeling

As a well-known property of the heart, many studies has reported that the left ventricular end-systolic pressure-volume relationship (ESPVR)...

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