A Cascade Classifier for Diagnosis of Melanoma in Clinical Images

Sabouri, Peyman ;   GholamHosseini, Hamid ;   Larsson, Thomas ;   Collins, John

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Computer aided diagnosis of medical images can help physicians in better detecting and early diagnosis of many symptoms and therefore...

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Detecting Melanoma in Dermoscopy Images Using Scale Adaptive Local Binary Patterns

Riaz, Farhan ;   Hassan, Ali ;   Javed, Muhammad Younis ;   Coimbra, Miguel

Tags Image feature extractionImage classificationMultiscale analysis

Recent advances in the area of computer vision has led to the development of various assisted diagnostics systems for the detection of...

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Early Melanoma Diagnosis with Mobile Imaging

Do, Thanh-Toan ;   Zhou, Yiren ;   Zheng, Haitian ;   Cheung, Ngai-Man ;   Koh, Dawn

Tags Image feature extractionImage segmentationImage classification

We research a mobile imaging system for early diagnosis of melanoma. Different from previous work, we focus on smartphone-captured images,...

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Prediction of Skin Ages by Means of Multi-Spectral Light Sources

Seker, Huseyin ;   Uslan, Volkan ;   Orun, Ahmet ;   Smith, Geoff

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopyInfra-red imagingMultiscale analysis

Assessment of skin aging is a complex biological process that depends on various internal and external factors but has become important due...

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Total Dermoscopy Score Calculation Using Quantitative Measurements in Digital Dermoscopy

Anagnostopoulos, Christos Nikolaos ;   Vergados, Dimitrios ;   Anagnostopoulos, Ioannis ;   Mintzias, Panagiotis

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionFunctional image analysis

The main contributions of this paper are an automated approach for applying the ABCD rules in a digital dermoscopy platform with fixed...

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Wavelet Denoising and Reconstruction of a Microneedle Embedded in Human Skin Ex-Vivo Using Terahertz Pulsed Reflectance Mode

Mueller-Holtz, Martin ;   Seker, Huseyin ;   Smith, Geoff

Tags Optical imagingImage classificationMultiscale analysis

Biological tissue can show promising features in the terahertz region of the electro-magnetic spectrum but face the problem that the signal...

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