Basis Selection for Maximally Independent EEG Sources

Balkan, Ozgur ;   Bigdely-Shamlo, Nima ;   Kreutz-Delgado, Kenneth ;   Makeig, Scott

Tags Independent component analysisBlind source separationMultivariate signal processing

We suggest a solution to the following problem: ''Given multichannel linear source mixture data Y, and an overcomplete dictionary, A, of source...

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Kmeans-ICA Based Automatic Method for Ocular Artifacts Removal in a Motor Imagery Classification

Bou Assi, Elie ;   Rihana, Sandy ;   Sawan, Mohamad

Tags Independent component analysis

Electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings aroused as inputs of a motor imagery based BCI system. Eye blinks contaminate the spectral frequency...

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Modeling Heart Beat Dynamics and Fmri Signals During Carotid Stimulation by Neck Suction

Mancini, Matteo ;   Calcagnini, Giovanni ;   Mattei, Eugenio ;   Censi, Federica ;   Bozzali, Marco ;   Barbieri, Riccardo

Tags Independent component analysisNonlinear dynamics in biomedical signalsMultivariate signal processing

Central autonomic control on the cardiovascular system has been widely investigated in the last decades. More recently, with the advent of...

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Parallel ICA with Multiple References: A Semi-Blind Multivariate Approach

Chen, Jiayu ;   Calhoun, Vince ;   liu, Jingyu

Tags Data mining in biosignalsIndependent component analysisBlind source separation

High data dimensionality poses a major challenge for imaging genomic studies. To address this issue, a semi-blind multivariate approach,...

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Sparse Principal Component Analysis for the Parsimonious Description of Glucose Variability in Diabetes

Fabris, Chiara ;   Facchinetti, Andrea ;   Sparacino, Giovanni ;   Cobelli, Claudio

Tags Principal component analysisSignal processing in physiological systems

Abnormal glucose variability (GV) is considered to be a risk factor for the development of diabetes complications. For its quantification from...

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Three-Way Parallel Independent Component Analysis for Imaging Genetics Using Multi-Objective Optimization

Ulloa Cerna, Alvaro Emilio ;   liu, Jingyu ;   Vergara, Victor Manuel ;   Chen, Jiayu ;   Calhoun, Vince ;   Pattichis, Marios

Tags Independent component analysisBlind source separationData mining in biosignals

In the biomedical field, current technology allows for the collection of multiple data modalities from the same subject. In consequence, there is...

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