Effects of Temperature and the Light Spectrum on Sleep and Alertness

Te Lindert, Bart H.W. ;   Van Der Meijden, Wisse P. ;   Gomez-Herrero, German ;   Ramautar, Jennifer R ;   Coppens, Joris E ;   Van Someren, Eus JW

Tags Human performance - SleepClinical neurophysiology - SleepHuman performance - Drowsiness and microsleeps

The regulation of sleep and alertness is usually modeled with two underlying processes: a circadian and a homeostatic one. Additional...

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NeuroSIPE: System Identification Techniques for Quantification of Neurological Pathology

van der Helm, Frans C.T. ;   Niehof, Sjoerd ;   Schouten, Alfred ;   Van Someren, Eus JW ;   Veltink, Peter

Tags Human performance - Modelling and predictionNeural signal processingNeuromuscular systems - Computational modeling

The Central Nervous System consists of many closed-loop feedback systems. Advanced system identification techniques are required for proper...

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PROFITS: A clinical infrastructure to evaluate new techniques for improvement of functional outcome after stroke

Meskers, Carel ;   Selles, Ruud W. ;   Wegen, Erwin E.H. ;   van der Helm, Frans C.T. ;   Kwakkel, Gert

Tags Neurological disorders - Stroke

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Quantifying Vasomotor Response Using System Identification Techniques

Niehof, Sjoerd ;   Nieuwenhoff, Mariska Daniella ;   Wu, Yusang ;   Schouten, Alfred ;   Huygen, Frank ;   van der helm, frans

Tags Neurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesNeuromuscular systems - Computational modelingNeuromuscular systems - Peripheral mechanisms

Small nerve fiber dysfunction is a common complication of diabetes mellitus. There is no non-invasive, in vivo, method to assess the functioning...

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Sensing Hand and Finger Kinematics, Kinetics and Dynamic Interaction with the Environment

Veltink, Peter ;   Kortier, Henk ;   Van den Noort, Josien ;   Brookhuis, Robert A. ;   Wiegerink, Remco J.

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Reaching and grasping

A system for inertial and magnetic sensing of hand and finger kinematics and a 6DoF micromachined fingertip force/moment sensor have been...

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Unraveling Causes and Effects in Human Balance Control: The BALROOM Approach

Schouten, Alfred ;   Engelhart, Denise ;   Aarts, Ronald G.K.M. ;   Pasma, Jantsje H. ;   Maier, Andrea ;   Meskers, Carel ;   Van Der Kooij, Herman

Tags Neuromuscular systems - Postural and balanceHuman performance

Balance is defined as the ability of humans to maintain upright bipedal stance in a gravitational field. Deteriorated balance is a major cause...

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