Co-Variation of Depressive Mood and Spontaneous Physical Activity Evaluated by Ecological Momentary Assessment in Major Depressive Disorder

Kim, Jinhyuk ;   Nakamura, Toru ;   Kikuchi, Hiroe ;   Yoshiuchi, Kazuhiro ;   Yamamoto, Yoshiharu

Tags Body sensor networksPersonalised healthMobile health

The objective evaluation of depressive mood is thought to be useful for the diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders. Thus, we...

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Development and Usability of a Personalized Sensor-Based System for Pervasive Healthcare

Triantafyllidis, Andreas ;   Koutkias, Vassilis ;   Chouvarda, Ioanna ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos

Tags Mobile healthPersonalised healthTelehealth

Although a plethora of remote health monitoring systems have been proposed for chronic conditions, the challenge posed by the changing...

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Distance Bounded Energy Detecting Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Secure Protocol

Hedin, Daniel ;   Kollmann, Daniel ;   Gibson, Paul ;   Riehle, Timothy H ;   Seifert, Gregory John

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsBody sensor networksTelemedicine

We present a demonstration of a novel protocol for secure transmissions on a Ultra-wideband impulse radio that includes distance bounding....

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Highly Wearable Galvanic Skin Response Sensor Using Flexible and Conductive Polymer Foam

Kim, Jeehoon ;   Kwon, Sungjun ;   Seo, Sangwon ;   Park, Kwang S.

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTelemedicineHealth information systems

Owing to advancements in daily physiological monitoring technology, diverse healthcare applications have emerged recently. The monitoring of...

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Task Independent Identification of Sensor Location on Upper Limb from Orientation Data

Lambrecht, Stefan ;   Romero, Juan ;   Benito-Leon, Julian ;   Rocon, Eduardo ;   Pons, Jose Luis

Tags Mobile healthBody sensor networksMobile and wearable technologies for elderly

In this paper we describe a novel method for sensor placement identification, and demonstrate the effectiveness of this method on an upper...

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