Breast Monitoring Via Time-Domain Microwave Radar: Early Clinical Trial Study

Porter, Emily ;   Santorelli, Adam ;   Popovich, Milica

Tags Clinical trialsDesign and developmentWellness monitoring technologies

This work describes early results from our first-stage clinical trial involving the monitoring of healthy volunteers with our time-domain...

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Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Novel End-To-End Vascular Coupling System

Li, Huizhong ;   Gale, Bruce Kent ;   Sant, Himanshu Jayant ;   Shea, Jill ;   Agarwal, Jayant

Tags Design and developmentInnovationHeart and circulatory support devices

Microvascular anastomosis is common and necessary during reconstructive and free tissue transfer surgeries. Traditional hand suturing...

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Grasp and Force Based Taxonomy of Split-Hook Prosthetic Terminal Devices

Belter, Joseph ;   Reynolds, Bo ;   Dollar, Aaron

Tags Prosthetic limbs, devices, and related appliances and aidesDesign and developmentProduct development process

In this paper, we analyze the use of the body-powered split-hook prosthetic terminal device, which is the most commonly used upper-limb...

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Monolithic Superelastic Rods with Variable Flexural Stiffness for Spinal Fusion: Simplified Finite Element Analysis of an Instrumented Spine Segment

Facchinello, Yann ;   Brailovski, Vladimir ;   Petit, Yvan ;   Mac-Thiong, Jean-Marc

Tags Design and development

Rigid instrumentations have been widely used for spinal fusion but they come with complications, such as adjacent disc degeneration. Dynamic...

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Performance Evaluation of Low Cost Microfluidic Chips Made Using a Digital Craft Cutter for Point of Care Applications in Nucleic Acid Tests

M.S, Ragavendar ;   Jayaraman, Subhadra ;   Vutukuru, Ramya ;   Roy, Rohan ;   Manwani, Harsha

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesClinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologiesDesign and development

A point of care (POC) diagnostic system development for nucleic acid testing (NAT) for developing countries faces several challenges and...

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Touchfree Medical Interfaces

Rossol, Nathaniel ;   Cheng, Irene ;   Shen, Rui ;   Basu, Anup

Tags Human factorsDesign and developmentSimulation, learning and training

Real-time control of visual display systems via mid-air hand gestures offers many advantages over traditional interaction modalities. In...

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