A 700mV Low Power Low Noise Implantable Neural Recording System Design

An, Guanglei ;   Hutchens, Chriswell ;   Rennaker, Robert

Tags Biocompatibility of implantable sensorsImplantable sensorsImplantable systems

A low power, low noise implantable neural recording interface for use in a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is presented in this paper. A...

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A Closed-Loop Inductive Power Control System for an Instrumented Strain Sensing Tibial Implant

Hao, Shiying ;   Taylor, Steve

Tags Implantable sensorsPortable miniaturized systemsWireless sensors and systems

Inductively-powered implantable biomedical devices are widely used nowadays, however the power variations due to the coil misalignment can...

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Characterization of Ionic Permeability and Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Polymers Used for Implantable Electronics

Kirsten, Sabine ;   Schubert, Martin ;   Uhlemann, Juergen ;   Wolter, Klaus-Juergen

Tags Implantable technologiesImplantable systems

Biocompatible polymers used as encapsulation and packaging materials for implantable electronic devices have to comply with numerous...

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Implanted Electrodes for Multi-Month EEG

Jochum, Thomas ;   Engdahl, Susannah ;   Kolls, Brad J. ;   Wolf, Patrick

Tags Implantable sensorsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systemsPhysiological monitoring

An implanted electroencephalogram (EEG) recorder would help diagnose infrequent seizure-like events. A proof-of-concept study quantified the...

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Method for Estimation of Structural Composition of Skin Layers Based on Light Propagation Simulation for Liposuction Applications

Song, Sangha ;   Elgezua Fernandez, Inko ;   Kobayashi, Yo ;   Fujie, Masakatsu G.

Tags Implantable systemsPhysiological monitoringOptical and photonic sensors and systems

Skin surface irregularity is the most common side effect after liposuction. To reduce this, it is necessary to devise a systematic method to...

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Optimal Position of the Transmitter Coil for Wireless Power Transfer to the Implantable Device

Stanacevic, Milutin ;   Jinghui, Jian

Tags Implantable technologiesImplantable systems

The maximum deliverable power through inductive link to the implantable device is limited by the tissue exposure to the electromagnetic field...

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