A Force-Controlled Robotic Micromanipulation System for Mechanotransduction Studies of Drosophila Larvae

Zhang, Weize ;   Sobolevski, Alexandre ;   Li, Bing ;   Rao, Yong ;   Liu, Xinyu

Tags Micro-and nano-bioroboticsHaptics in robotic surgery

This paper presents an automated robotic micromanipulation system capable of force-controlled mechanical stimulation and fluorescence imaging...

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Control of the Coupled Motion of a 6 DoF Robotic Arm and a Continuum Manipulator for the Treatment of Pelvis Osteolysis

Alambeigi, Farshid ;   Murphy, Ryan J. ;   Basafa, Ehsan ;   Taylor, Russell H. ;   Armand, Mehran

Tags Surgical roboticsPlanning and execution in surgical robotics

The paper addresses the coupled motion of a 6 degree of freedom robot and a snake-like dexterous manipulator (SDM) designed for the...

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Dominant Component in Muscle Fatigue Induced Hand Tremor During Laparoscopic Surgical Manipulation

Chandra, Sourav ;   Hayashibe, Mitsuhiro ;   Thondiyath, Asokan

Tags Motion cancellation in surgical roboticsSurgical robotics

Accuracy of laparoscopic surgery gets affected by the hand tremor of the surgeons. Though cognitive load is inevitable in such activity...

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Electromagnetic Tracking Performance Analysis and Optimization

Qi, Yu ;   Sadjadi, Hossein ;   Yeo, Caitlin T. ;   Hashtrudi-Zaad, Keyvan ;   Fichtinger, Gabor

Tags Image guided surgery

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the uncertainties of an electromagnetic (EM) tracking system and to improve both the...

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Endoscopic Add-On Stiffness Probe for Real-Time Soft Surface Characterisation in MIS

Faragasso, Angela ;   Stilli, Agostino ;   Bimbo, Joao ;   Noh, Yohan ;   Liu, Hongbin ;   Nanayakkara, Thrishantha ;   Dasgupta, Prokar ;   Wurdemann, Helge Arne ;   Althoefer, Kaspar

Tags Haptics in robotic surgerySurgical roboticsHaptic interfaces

This paper explores a novel stiffness sensor which is mounted on the tip of a laparoscopic camera. The proposed device is able to compute...

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Hyper- and Viscoelastic Modeling of Needle and Brain Tissue Interaction

Lehocky, Craig A. ;   Shi, Yixing ;   Riviere, Cameron N.

Tags New technologies and methodologies in medical robotics and biomechanicsSurgical robotics

Deep needle insertion into brain is important for both diagnostic and therapeutic clinical interventions. We have developed an automated...

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