A Structural Framework for Interpretation of Four-Electrode Microimpedance Spectra in Cardiac Tissue

Pollard, Andrew E ;   Barr, Roger

Tags Cardiac modelingCellular arrhythmia mechanismsInverse problems in cardiac electrophysiology

Renewed interest in the four-electrode method for identification of passive electrical properties in cardiac tissue has been sparked by a...

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Assessing Real-Time RR-QT Frequency-Domain Measures of Coupling and Causality through Inhomogeneous Point-Process Bivariate Models

Valenza, Gaetano ;   Orini, Michele ;   Citi, Luca ;   Minchol√©, Ana ;   Pueyo, Esther ;   Laguna, Pablo ;   Barbieri, Riccardo

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingTime-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variabilityHeart rate variability

Ventricular repolarization instability is known to be related to arrhythmogenesis and increased risk of sudden cardiac death. These...

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ETD: An Extended Time Delay Algorithm for Ventricular Fibrillation Detection

Kim, Jungyoon ;   Chu, Chao-Hsien

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingHRV and blood pressure monitoringVentricular arrhythmia mechanisms

Ventricular fibrillation (VF) is the most serious type of heart attack which requires quick detection and first aid to improve patients'...

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ICD Lead Failure Detection through High Frequency Impedance

Kollmann, Daniel ;   Swerdlow, Charles ;   Kroll, Mark ;   Seifert, Gregory John ;   Lichter, Patrick

Tags Defibrillation and cardioversion

Abrasion-induced insulation breach is a common failure mode of silicone-body, transvenous, implantable cardioverter defibrillator leads. It is...

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Limitations of Animal Electrical Cardiac Safety Models

Panescu, Dorin ;   Kroll, Mark ;   Brave, Michael

Tags Cardiovascular modelsVentricular arrhythmia mechanismsSimulation method developments for cardiac arrhythmia studies

Introduction - Human electrical safety standards are based almost exclusively on animal studies and there is an unjustified assumption that...

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Simultaneous Stimulation and Recording of Cardiac Depolarization Enabled by High-Frequency Stimulation

Giovangrandi, Laurent

Tags Pacemakers

High-frequency stimulation techniques have been recently proposed for the pacing and control of excitability of cardiac tissues. This paper...

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