Coherent Source and Connectivity Analysis on Simultaneously Measured EEG and MEG Data During Isometric Contraction

Muthuraman, Muthuraman ;   Helge, Hellriegel ;   Hogenboom, Nienke ;   Anwar, Abdul Rauf ;   Mideksa, Kidist Gebremariam ;   Krause, Holger ;   Schnitzler, Alfons ;   Jan, Raethjen ;   Gunther, Deuschl

Tags Coherence in biomedical signal processingCausalityDirectionality

The most well-known non-invasive electric and magnetic field measurement modalities are the electroencephalography (EEG) and...

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Determination of Seizure Propagation across Microdomains Using Spectral Measures of Causality

Basu, Ishita ;   Kudela, Pawel ;   Anderson, William S.

Tags DirectionalityMultivariate signal processingTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

The use of microelectrode arrays to measure electrical activity from the surface of the brain is increasingly being investigated as a means...

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Directed Neural Connectivity Changes in Robot-Assisted Gait Training: A Partial Granger Causality Analysis

Yousssofzadeh, Vahab ;   Zanotto, Damiano ;   Stegall, Paul ;   Naeem, Mohammad ;   Wong-Lin, KongFatt ;   Agrawal, Sunil ;   Prasad, Girijesh

Tags Causality

Now-a-days robotic exoskeletons are often used to help in gait training of stroke patients. However, such robotic systems have so far...

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Information Dynamics in Cardiorespiratory Analyses: Application to Controlled Breathing

Widjaja, Devy ;   Faes, Luca ;   Montalto, Alessandro ;   Van Diest, Ilse ;   Marinazzo, Daniele ;   Van Huffel, Sabine

Tags CausalityDirectionalitySignal processing in physiological systems

Voluntary adjustment of the breathing pattern is widely used to deal with stress-related conditions. In this study, effects of slow and fast...

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Investigating Statistical Differences in Connectivity Patterns Properties at Single Subject Level: A New Resampling Approach

Toppi, Jlenia ;   Anzolin, Alessandra ;   Petti, Manuela ;   Cincotti, Febo ;   Mattia, Donatella ;   Salinari, Serenella ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Astolfi, Laura

Tags CausalityConnectivity measurementsPartial and total coherence

Methods based on the multivariate autoregressive (MVAR) approach are commonly used for effective connectivity estimation as they allow to...

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Post-Processing for Spectral Coherence of Magnetoencephalogram Background Activity: Application to Alzheimer's Disease

Escudero, Javier ;   Anastasiou, Athanasios ;   Fernandez, Alberto

Tags Coherence in biomedical signal processingConnectivity measurementsSignal processing in physiological systems

Estimating the connectivity between magnetoencephalogram (MEG) signals provides an excellent opportunity to analyze whole brain functional...

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