An Effective Automated System for Grading Severity of Retinal Arteriovenous Nicking in Colour Retinal Images

Roy, Pallab ;   Nguyen, Uyen Thi Van ;   Bhuiyan, Alauddin ;   Kotagiri, Ramamohanarao

Tags Retinal image analysisImage classificationImage feature extraction

Retinal arteriovenous (AV) nicking is a precursor for hypertension, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. In this paper, an effective...

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Comprehensive Automatic Assessment of Retinal Vascular Abnormalities for Computer-Assisted Retinopathy Grading

Joshi, Vinayak ;   Agurto Rios, Carla Paola ;   VanNess, Richard ;   Nemeth, Sheila ;   Soliz, Peter ;   Barriga, Simon

Tags Retinal image analysisImage feature extractionImage classification

One of the most important signs of systemic disease that presents on the retina is vascular abnormalities such as in hypertensive...

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High-Accuracy Measurement of Rotational Eye Movement by Tracking of Blood Vessel Images

Hoshino, Kiyoshi ;   Nakagomi, Hiroyuki, Nakagomi.H

Tags Retinal image analysisImage reconstruction - fast algorithmsInfra-red imaging

Measurement of rotational eye movement gives suitable physiological indicators for car sickness, space sickness, visually-induced motion...

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RetinaCAD, a System for the Assessment of Retinal Vascular Changes

Dashtbozorg, Behdad ;   Mendonça, Ana Maria ;   Penas, Susana ;   Campilho, AurĂ©lio

Tags Retinal image analysis

This paper introduces RetinaCAD, a system, for the fast, reliable and automatic measurement of the Central Retinal Arteriolar Equivalent...

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Statistical Pattern Analysis of Blood Vessel Features on Retina Images and Its Application to Blood Vessel Mapping Algorithms

Ying, Huajun ;   Wang, Xing ;   Liu, Jyh-Charn

Tags Retinal image analysisImage segmentationImage feature extraction

Computer based modeling and analysis of blood vessel (BV) networks is essential for automated detection and tracking of anomalies and...

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Super Resolution for Fundoscopy Based on 3D Image Registration

Hernandez-Matas, Carlos ;   Zabulis, Xenophon

Tags Retinal image analysisImage enhancement

An approach to the generation of super-resolution (SR) images from fundoscopy images is proposed that is based on the 3D registration of...

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