Characterization of the Respiratory and Heart Beat Signal from an Air Pressure-Based Ballistocardiographic Setup

Willemen, Tim ;   Van Deun, Dorien ;   Verhaert, Vincent ;   Van Huffel, Sabine ;   Haex, Bart ;   Vander Sloten, Jos

Tags Smart home technology

Off-body detection of respiratory and cardiac activity presents an enormous opportunity for general health, stress and sleep quality...

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DocBot: A Novel Clinical Decision Support Algorithm

Ninh, Andrew

Tags Personalised healthComputer-aided decision makingEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

DocBot is a web-based clinical decision support system (CDSS) that uses patient interaction and electronic health record analytics to assist...

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Empowering Patients to Perform Physical Therapy at Home

Gonzalez-Franco, Mar ;   Gilroy, Scott Jonathan ;   Moore, John

Tags Personal health systemsMobile healthTelemedicine

In this paper we address the problem of patient adherence to physical therapy using a sensor-enabled virtual reality gaming interface that...

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Foot-Mounted Inertial Measurement Unit for Activity Classification

Ghobadi, Mostafa ;   Esfahani, Ehsan

Tags Personal health systemsBody sensor networksData mining

This paper proposes a classification technique for daily base activity recognition for human monitoring during physical therapy in home. The...

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Portable Tongue-Supported Human Computer Interaction System Design and Implementation

Quain, Rohan ;   Khan, Masood Mehmood

Tags Personalised healthMobile and wearable technologies for elderlyLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

Tongue supported human-computer interaction (TSHCI) systems can help critically ill patients interact with both computers and people. These...

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Proposal of a Novel Remote Command & Control Configuration Extension for Interoperable Personal Health Devices (PHD) Based on ISO/IEEE11073 Standard

Barron Gonzalez, Hector Gilberto ;   Martinez-Espronceda, Miguel ;   Trigo, Jesus Daniel ;   Led, Santiago ;   Serrano, Luis

Tags Personal health systemsMobile healthHealth information system interoperability

New use cases to extend the interoperability standard ISO/IEEE11073 (X73) were found during the development of recent specializations. These...

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