A Cascaded Two-Step Kalman Filter for Estimation of Human Body Segment Orientation Using MEMS-IMU

Zihajehzadeh, Shaghayegh ;   Loh, Darrell ;   Lee, Matthew ;   Hoskinson, Reynald ;   Park, Edward J.

Tags Wearable systems

Orientation of human body segments is an important quantity in many biomechanical analyses. To get robust and drift-free 3-D orientation, raw...

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Ambulatory Measurement of Foot Kinematics Using Wearable Ultrasonic Sensors

Qi, Yongbin ;   Soh, Cheong Boon ;   Gunawan, Erry ;   Low, Kay soon

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsWireless sensors and systemsAcoustic sensors and systems

In this paper, an ultrasonic-based system for foot parameters measurement is proposed and investigated. An extended Kalman filter is used to...

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Health Care Sensor – Based Systems for Point of Care Monitoring and Diagnostic Applications: A Brief Survey

Tsakalakis, Michail ;   Bourbakis, Nikolaos

Tags Wearable systemsImplantable systemsPhysiological monitoring

Continuous, real-time remote monitoring through medical point - of - care (POC) systems appears to draw the interest of the scientific...

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Measurement of High-resolution Mechanical Contraction of Cardiac Muscle by Induced Eddy Current

Lee, Young-Jae ;   Lee, Kang-Hwi ;   Kang, seung-jin ;   Kim, Kyeung-Nam ;   Khang, Seonah ;   Koo, Hye-Ran ;   Ji, Sunok ;   Lee, Joo Hyeon ;   Lee, Jeong-Whan

Tags Magnetic sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoringWearable systems

There are many types of devices which help to manage a personal health conditions such as heartbeat chest belt, pedometer and smart watch....

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Novel Wireless-Communicating Textile Devices Made from Multi-Material and Minimally-Invasive Fibers

Bélanger-Garnier, Victor ;   Gorgutsa, Stephan ;   Ung, Bora ;   Viens, Jean-François ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Larochelle, Sophie ;   Messaddeq, Younès

Tags Smart textile and clothesWearable systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

The ability to integrate multiple materials into miniaturized fiber structures enables the realization of novel biomedical textile devices with...

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Wearable Blood Flowmeter Appcessory with Low-Power Laser Doppler Signal Processing for Daily-Life Healthcare Monitoring

Kuwabara, Kei ;   Higuchi, Yuichi ;   Ogasawara, Takayuki ;   Koizumi, Hiroshi ;   Haga, Tsuneyuki

Tags Wearable systemsLow power, wireless sensing methodsOptical and photonic sensors and systems

A new appcessory for monitoring peripheral blood flow in daily life consists of a wearable laser Doppler sensor device and a cooperating smart...

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