3D Ultrasound Imaging in Image-Guided Intervention

Fenster, Aaron ;   Bax, Jeff ;   Romagnoli, Cesare ;   Neshat, Hamid ;   Cool, Derek ;   Kakani, Nirmal

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryImage guided surgerySurgical robotics

Ultrasound imaging is used extensively in diagnosis and image-guidance for interventions of human diseases. However, conventional 2D ultrasound...

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A New Paradigm for Treatment of Glaucoma

Galloway, Robert ;   DeLisi, Michael ;   Harth, Eva ;   Mawn, Louise

Tags Image guided surgeryComputer-assisted surgerySurgical robotics

Glaucoma is the leading irreversible cause of blindness in the world. We are developing a new image-guidance system to deliver a...

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A Parallel Wire Robot for Epicardial Interventions

Costanza, Adam ;   Wood, Nathan ;   Passineau, Michael J. ;   Moraca, Robert J. ;   Bailey, Stephen H. ;   Yoshizumi, Tomo ;   Riviere, Cameron N.

Tags Surgical roboticsMotion cancellation in surgical robotics

This paper describes the design and preliminary testing of a planar parallel wire robot that adheres to the surface of the beating heart and...

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A Stereotaxic Image-Guided Surgical Robotic System for Depth Electrode Insertion

Meng, Fanle ;   Ding, Hui ;   Wang, Guangzhi

Tags Computer-assisted surgerySurgical roboticsImage guided surgery

This article constructs a surgical robotic system for the stereotactic insertion of the depth electrodes for stereoelectroencephalogram...

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Design and Development of a Mobile Image Overlay System for Needle Interventions

Anand, Manjunath ;   King, Franklin ;   Ungi, Tamas ;   Lasso, Andras ;   Rudan, John ;   Jayender, Jagadeesan ;   Fritz, Jan ;   Carrino, John A. ;   Jolesz, Ferenc ;   Fichtinger, Gabor

Tags Image guided surgery

Previously, a static and adjustable image overlay systems were proposed for aiding needle interventions. The system was either fixed to a...

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Injection-Depth-Locking Axial Motion Guided Handheld Micro-Injector Using CP-SSOCT

Cheon, Gyeong Woo ;   Huang, Yong ;   Kwag, Hye Rin ;   Kim, Ki-Young ;   Taylor, Russell H. ;   Gehlbach, Peter ;   Kang, Jin U.

Tags Motion cancellation in surgical roboticsImage guided surgeryComputer-assisted surgery

This paper presents a handheld micro-injector system using common-path swept source optical coherence tomography (CP-SSOCT) as a distal...

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