A Stretchable and Flexible System for Skin-Mounted Measurement of Motion Tracking and Physiological Signals

Wei, Pinghung ;   Raj, Milan ;   Hsu, Yung-Yu ;   Morey, Briana ;   DePetrillo, Paolo ;   McGrane, Bryan ;   Wang, Xianyan ;   Lin, Monica ;   Keen, Bryan ;   Papakyrikos, Cole ;   Lowe, Jared ;   Ghaffari, Roozbeh

Tags Wellness monitoring technologiesWireless telemetric systemsPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systems

In this paper, we present a stretchable wearable system capable of i) measuring multiple physiological parameters and ii) transmitting data via...

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An Evaluation of Exhaled Flow Measuring Mouthpieces for Breath Sampling Devices

de Silva, Geethanga ;   Beyette, Fred R

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesClinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologies

A study is conducted to determine the dimensions of an exhaled flow measuring mouthpiece for a breath-sampling device that requires...

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High Density Wireless EEG Prototype: Design and Evaluation against Reference Equipment

Rossi, Stefano ;   Patki, Shrishail ;   Passoni, Marco ;   Perko, Hannes ;   Gritsch, Gerhard ;   Ossenblok, Pauly ;   Yazicioglu, Refet Firat

Tags Wireless telemetric systemsAmbulatory and ADL technologiesPhysiological monitoring devices

Abstract- A high density wireless electroencephalographic (EEG) platform has been designed. It is able to record up to 64 EEG channels with...

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Motion Monitoring in Palliative Care Using Unobtrusive Bed Sensors

Holtzman, Megan ;   Goubran, Rafik A. ;   Knoefel, Frank-Dietrich

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsWellness monitoring technologies

Palliative care needs are growing with the aging population. Ambient sensors offer patients comfortable and discreet point-of-care monitoring....

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Parkinson's Disease Detection Using Olfactory Loss and REM Sleep Disorder Features

Ravindran, Prashanth ;   Dutta Roy, Sumantra ;   Mandal, Pravat ;   Ghosh, Shantanu

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesClinical engineeringPhysiological monitoring devices

In Parkinson's disease, there exists a prodromal or a premotor phase characterized by symptoms like olfactory loss and sleep disorders, which...

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Real-Time Processing of Electromyograms in an Automated Hand-Forearm Ergometer Data Collection and Analysis System

Kuehl, Phillip ;   Jia, Chen ;   Gude, Dana ;   Broxterman, Ryan ;   Barstow, Thomas ;   Warren, Steve

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesDesign and developmentPoint of care diagnostic lab technologies

An automated hand-forearm ergometer with real-time data analysis would be a helpful tool to evaluate muscle fatigue mid-experiment, offering...

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