A Force Sensor Based on FBG Technology for Biomedical Application During Magnetic Resonance Imaging Procedure

Saccomandi, Paola ;   Caponero, Michele Arturo ;   Polimadei, Andrea ;   Francomano, Maria Teresa ;   Formica, Domenico ;   Accoto, Dino ;   Tamilia, Eleonora ;   Taffoni, Fabrizio ;   Di Pino, Giovanni ;   Schena, Emiliano

Tags MRI-compatible instrumentation and device managementDesign and developmentInnovation

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology is very attractive to develop sensors for the measurement of thermal and mechanical parameters in...

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A Passive Quantitative Measurement of Airway Resistance Using Depth Data

Ostadabbas, Sarah ;   Bulach, Christoph ;   Ku, David ;   Anderson, Larry ;   Ghovanloo, Maysam

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsInnovation

The Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is the most common cause of serious lower respiratory tract infections in infants and young children....

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A Reconfigurable Parallel Acceleration Platform for Evaluation of Permutation Entropy

Ren, Xiaowei ;   Ren, Pengju ;   Chen, Badong ;   Principe, Jose ;   Zheng, Nanning

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesDevice alarm, alert, and communication systemsPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systems

In recent years, permutation entropy is widely used to characterize the complexity of EEG time series and can be applied to predict the...

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A Wrist-Worn Biosensor System for Assessment of Neurological Status

Cogan, Diana ;   Baran Pouyan, Maziyar ;   Nourani, Mehrdad ;   Harvey, Jay

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesHealth technology management and assessmentDevice alarm, alert, and communication systems

EEG based monitoring for the purpose of assessing a patient's neurological status is conspicuous and uncomfortable at best. We are analyzing...

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An Automatized System for the Assessment of Nutritive Sucking Behavior in Infants: A Preliminary Analysis on Term Neonates

Tamilia, Eleonora ;   Delafield-Butt, Jonathan ;   Fiore, Silia ;   Taffoni, Fabrizio

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesDesign and development

Nutritive Sucking (NS) is a highly organized process that can reflect infants' maturation during the early post-natal period. The assessment...

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Estimation of the Patient Monitor Alarm Rate for a Quantitative Analysis of New Alarm Settings

De Waele, Stijn ;   Nielsen, Larry ;   Frassica, Joseph

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsPhysiological monitoring devices

In many critical care units, default patient monitor alarm settings are not fine-tuned to the vital signs of the patient population. As a...

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Quantifying Saccades While Walking: Validity of a Novel Velocity-Based Algorithm for Mobile Eye Tracking

Stuart, Sam ;   Brook, Galna ;   Lord, Sue ;   Rochester, Lynn ;   Godfrey, Alan

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesDesign and developmentWellness monitoring technologies

We validate a novel algorithm to detect saccades from raw data obtained during walking from a mobile infra-red eye-tracking device. The...

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Real-Time Dangling Objects Sensing: A Preliminary Design of Mobile Headset Ancillary Device for Visual Impaired

Lin, Chin-Hsuan ;   Cheng, Po-Hsun ;   Shen, Shuen-Tin

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsInnovationDesign and development

Blinds and severe visual impairments can utilize tactile sticks to assist their walking. However, they cannot fully understand the dangling...

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