"Avaris Net" Crisis and Emergency Management of Health Services

Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos ;   Kyprianou, Stelios ;   Christou, Synesios ;   Constantinou, Riana ;   Panayides, Andreas ;   Pattichis, Constantinos ;   Neofytou, Marios

Tags eHealthMobile healthHealth information systems

Management of Health Services during crisis or disasters is the major field of interest of this work. We had created a system that intent to...

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A Multisensory Non-Invasive System for Laughter Analysis

Cosentino, Sarah ;   Burger, Susanne ;   Martin, Lara ;   Metze, Florian ;   Kishi, Tatsuhiro ;   Hashimoto, Kenji ;   Sessa, Salvatore ;   Zecca, Massimiliano ;   Takanishi, Atsuo

Tags Health technology management and assessmentBiofeedback and related technologiesPhysiological monitoring devices

Laughter is an important non-verbal human social signal. Clarifying the mechanism of laughing would be useful in a variety of studies on health...

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A Prototype System Using Microsoft Kinect to Recognize Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease Patients

Amini Maghsoud Bigy, Amin ;   Banitsas, Konstantinos

Tags Technology and services for assisted-livingMobile and wearable technologies for elderlyTechnology and services for home care

Freezing of Gait (FOG) is a disabling symptom and movement disorder, typically associated with the latter stages of Parkinson's disease. Within...

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A Smartphone Application for Administering Preference Assessments

White, Paul ;   Julio, Flávia ;   Virués-Ortega, Javier ;   Byagowi, Ahmad

Tags Computer-aided decision makingPersonal/consumer health informaticsElectronic health records

Children with intellectual and developmental disabilities may have a difficult time learning new skills. There is evidence to suggest that...

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Alternative User Interface for Blind Users

Svobodnik, Petr ;   Novak, Daniel

Tags Design controlsHuman factorsClinical engineering

This paper deals with design and implementation of user interface which makes accessible environment of the mobile operation system Android...

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Application of Telemedicine to Support in Prenatal Care

Jomar Ferreira dos, Santos ;   Hitalo Emanoel Gondim Bezerra de, Medeiros ;   Gláucia Regina Medeiros Azambuja, Sizilio ;   Ribeiro Neto, Pedro Fernandes ;   G. Guerreiro, Ana Maria ;   Maia, Cicilia ;   Bezerra Soares, Heliana ;   Fernandes Diógenes, Isabelle Cantídio

Tags TelemedicineHealth information systemsMobile health

The pregnancy care is of fundamental importance for the prevention of possible complications during delivery or even to prevent the child is...

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Cardiac Autonomic Nervous Activity Changes after Electroconvulsive Therapy

Suzuki, Yoko ;   Miyajima, Miho ;   Ohta, Katsuya ;   Yoshida, Noriko ;   Okumura, Masaki ;   Nakamura, Mitsuru ;   Sawada, Yuriko ;   Sasano, Tetsuo ;   Kawara, Tokuhiro ;   Matsuura, Masato ;   Matsushima, Eisuke

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologies

[INTRODUCTION]Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has been firmly established treatment for depressive patients who were resistant to medical...

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Cortical Bone Ratio Based Low Dose Bone Disease Diagnosis

Jeong, Kwan Moon ;   Yoon, Kwon-Ha ;   Lee, Jinseok

Tags Clinical engineering

For bone disease diagnosis, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and quantitative computed tomography have been mainly used as a noninvasive...

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Development and Validation of Realistic Aortic Phantoms Tailored for Each Patient

Courtial, Edwin-Joffrey ;   Orkisz, Maciej ;   Fanton, Laurent ;   Douek, Philippe ;   Fulchiron, René

Tags Vascular mechanics

This work aims to develop aortic phantoms able to mimic the real healthy or pathologic shape and mechanical behavior for a specific patient....

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DIABOOK: A Unified Collaborative Online System for the Management of Diabetes

Samineni, Anvesh ;   Murari, Bhaskar Mohan

Tags Health information systemsTechnology and services for home careeHealth

Management of diabetes is becoming a tedious task for patients due to busy schedules etc., and rapid increase in the number of diabetic...

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Effective, Real-Time Ultrasound Video Communications Over HSPA Networks Using Despeckle Filtering

Panayides, Andreas ;   Pattichis, Marios ;   Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos ;   Spanias, Andreas ;   Constantinides, Anthony G. ;   Pattichis, Constantinos

Tags TelemedicineMobile healthTelehealth

The paper presents an effective video communications system that uses despeckle filtering prior to real-time transmission. The system is...

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Elective Surgery Cancellations and Theatre Utilization

Thorburn, Hamish ;   Khanna, Sankalp ;   Boyle, Justin ;   Wilson, Richard ;   Steyn, Michael ;   Good, Norm

Tags eHealthDecision support methods and systemsHealth information systems

Reducing surgery cancellations is critical for improving hospital resource utilization and patient outcomes. In this study, we employ negative...

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Estimation of Left Ventricular End-Systolic Elastance on Veno-Arterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

Nishikawa, Takuya ;   Kakino, Takamori ;   Saku, Keita ;   Kishi, Takuya ;   Sunagawa, Kenji

Tags Ventricular elastanceVentricular assist devicesHemodynamics

Assessment of an accurate left ventricular function in patients on veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VA-ECMO) is critical...

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Evaluating the Effect of Mechanical Vestibular Stimulation on Muscle Tone and Spasticity in Stroke Survivors: A Pilot Study

Androwis, Ghaith ;   Michael, Peter ;   Strongwater, Allan ;   Foulds, Richard

Tags Human performance - Vestibular functionsNeurological disorders - StrokeNeurological disorders - Treatment methodologies

Post-stroke patients often experience a number of neurologically based impairments, such as spasticity, that affect their daily activities and...

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Evaluation of Heart Rate As a Marker for Psychological Stress

Gandhi, Shreyans ;   Jain, Lakshya ;   Jain, Jawahar ;   Shojaei Baghini, Maryam ;   Mukherji, Soumyo

Tags Mobile healtheHealthPersonal/consumer health informatics

It has been shown that heart rate (HR) is proportional to and a marker for human stress. Numerous other studies have validated this fact,...

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Identification of Discriminative Muscular Activity Patterns for Hand Movement Classification Using Ultrasound Imaging

Akhlaghi, Nima ;   Misra, Debdipto ;   Zoran, Duric ;   Kosecka, Jana ;   Rangwala, Huzefa ;   Sikdar, Siddhartha

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technologyImage enhancementImage classification

Conventional myoelectric control of advanced upper extremity prostheses has a number of limitations that reduce functionality for the user....

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In Vivo Evaluation of a Compact Wearable Pneumatic Drive Unit with Non-Circular Gears for a Ventricular Assist Device

Sumikura, Hirohito ;   Ohnuma, Kentaro ;   Homma, Akihiko ;   Taenaka, Yoshiyuki ;   Takewa, Yoshiaki ;   Mukaibayashi, Hiroshi ;   Katano, Kazuo ;   Kojima, Koichi ;   Tatsumi, Eisuke

Tags Ventricular assist devicesArtificial heart and valvesHeart failure

We have been developing a compact wearable pneumatic drive (WPD) unit to improve the QOL of the patients with a pneumatically driven...

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In-Vivo Evaluation of Blood Flow Changes in Diabetic Pigs Using Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy (DCS)

Taguchi, Taro ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Takahashi, Yuta ;   Nagano, Keitaro ;   Tsujimoto, Sho ;   Ouchi, Ryo ;   Kato, Keita ;   Umeyama, Kazuhiro ;   Nagashima, Hiroshi

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesFNIR and near-infrared scanning and assessmentPhysiological monitoring devices

We measured vascular reactivity in a pig model of diabetes (DM) using diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS). DCS detected poor vascular...

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Investigation of Short-Term Measurements of Heart Rate Variability Comparing Healthy versus Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Death Subjects

Koh, Zhi Xiong ;   Liu, Nan ;   Lin, Zhiping ;   Ong, Marcus Eng Hock

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologies

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has been investigated as a possible physiological predictor of mortality. Our objective is to compare HRV between...

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iSurgScope: A Prototype Surgical Microscope for Intraoperative Imaging of Blood Flow on iPAD

Hu, Yuqi ;   Li, Hangdao ;   Li, Yao ;   Tong, Shanbao

Tags Physiological monitoring

Abstract-We designed a prototype system of surgical microscope (or called iSurgScope) integrated with laser speckle imager and iPAD, so that...

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Kinect Calculation of Lifting-Related Back Injury Risk

Lieblich, Max ;   Spector, June ;   McQuade, Kevin ;   Hughes, Margaret ;   Bao, Stephen

Tags SafetyWellness monitoring technologiesSimulation, learning and training

The NIOSH Lifting Equation is a validated tool for estimating the risk of low back injuries, but it can be confusing and cumbersome for...

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KINOPTIM: Designing a Tele-Rehabilitation Gaming Platform for Fall Prevention in the Elderly Community

Barelle, Caroline ;   Tsirmpas, Charalampos ;   Ibanez, Francisco ;   Vellidou, Eleftheria ;   Tagaris, Anastassios ;   Koutsouri, Georgia ;   Koutsouris, Dimitrios

Tags TelemedicinePersonalised healthTelehealth

As our society is ageing and the elderly face loss of autonomy due to falls, rehabilitation and fall prevention in seniors has become a global...

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Model-Based Blood Pressure Wave Reflection Analysis Using Peripheral Blood Pressure Waveforms

Kim, Chang-Sei ;   Fazeli, Nima ;   McMurtry, M. Sean ;   Finegan, Barry A. ;   Hahn, Jin-Oh

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCardiovascular system modelingCardiovascular signal processing

This paper presents a minimally invasive method for quantifying blood pressure wave reflection using peripheral blood pressure waveforms. The...

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Multi-Stage Temporal Sequence Defibrillation Efficacy in a Rabbit Model of Atrial Fibrillation Is Not Limited by Dominant Frequency

Gutbrod, Sarah ;   Efimov, Igor

Tags Defibrillation and cardioversionPatient specific approaches to treatment of heat dieseae

High voltage shocks used in clinical defibrillation cause considerable physiological and psychological pain and carry an elevated risk of...

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Non-Invasive Treatment of Abdominal Hypertension: A New Vacuum Chamber

Urruty, Luciana ;   Simini, Franco ;   Pereyra, Marcelo ;   David, Marcelo ;   Pracca, Francisco

Tags Product development processBiofeedback and related technologiesInnovation

ABDOPRE is a noninvasive device to lower intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), which includes a bell to be affixed on the patient's abdomen. Negative...

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Nonlinear Dependence of Pulse Pressure on Stroke Volume During Blood Volume Perturbation

Bighamian, Ramin ;   Hahn, Jin-Oh

Tags Cardiac modelingArterial pressureCardiovascular signal processing

The goal of this study was to elucidate how arterial pulse pressure and stroke volume respond to a perturbation in the left ventricular...

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Nonlinear Dimension Reduction of Gait Motion

Chun, Changmook ;   Hong, Jisoo ;   Park, Frank Chongwoo

Tags New technologies and methodologies in human movement analysisMechanics of locomotion and balance

This paper presents a nonlinear dimension reduc- tion of gait motion, as the first step toward the generation of personalized gait motion for...

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Nonlinear Identification of the Total Baroreflex Arc

Moslehpour, Mohsen ;   Kawada, Toru ;   Sunagawa, Kenji ;   Sugimachi, Masaru ;   Mukkamala, Ramakrishna

Tags Non-linear cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory relationsBaroreflexBlood pressure regulation and variability

A second-order Volterra model of the total baroreflex arc (i.e., the open-loop system relating carotid sinus pressure to arterial pressure)...

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Numerical Studies of Pulse Wave Propagations Along Inhomogeneous and Stented Aortas

Inga, Igor ;   Shahmirzadi, Danial

Tags Pulse wave velocityCardiovascular system modelingHemodynamics

Estimating the focal variations in the stiffness of the aortic wall has been found as an effective method for cardiovascular diseases...

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Phase Singularity Dynamics in Cardiac Arrhythmias Are Sensitive to Signal Conditioning in Multiple Domains

Gutbrod, Sarah ;   Meillet, Valentin ;   Dubois, Rémi ;   Bernus, Olivier ;   Efimov, Igor

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingAtrial arrhythmias and ablation

Phase singularity tracking techniques have become a critical method of characterizing arrhythmia substrates in the temporal and spatial...

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Portable Bio-Impedance Measurement Circuit - Application on Human Nails

Chang, Kuang- Hsuan ;   Hung, Chien-Ya ;   Jaw, Fu-Shan

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesSafetyDesign and development

Abstract-To determine the impedance of nails, a voltage divider circuit was designed. A sine wave with an amplitude of 1V and a frequency...

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Propagation of Patient Data from IT Systems to Medical Devices

Andersen, Björn ;   Kock, Ann-Kristin ;   Wrage, Jan-Hinrich ;   Ingenerf, Josef

Tags Health information system interoperabilityeHealth

There are many efforts to interconnect medical devices, but integrating healthcare information systems (HIS) remains a problem. This work...

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Rapid Identification of Cancerous Cells in the Murine Xenograft Models

Yadav, Rajeev ;   Laliberté, Mathieu ;   Archambault, Andre ;   Villeneuve, Alain ;   Légaré, François ;   Doillon, Charles J.

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesClinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologiesClinical engineering

Nonlinear microscopy accelerates live label-free imaging of cell cultures that may not be otherwise possible with existing state-of-the-art...

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Real-Time Prediction of Respiratory Motion Using an Extended Kalman Filter and Gaussian Process Regression

Bukhari, Waqas ;   Hong, Sun-Mog

Tags RF and microwave ablation

A real-time algorithm for predicting respiratory motion is proposed that utilizes an extended Kalman filter and Gaussian process regression by...

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Risk Stratifying Critically Ill Patients in the Emergency Department with Extreme Learning Machine

Koh, Zhi Xiong ;   Liu, Nan ;   Lin, Zhiping ;   Ong, Marcus Eng Hock

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologies

This paper presents a novel risk stratification method using extreme learning machine (ELM). ELM was integrated into a scoring system to...

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Scattered Image Artifact Based Osteoporosis Diagnosis Method

Jeong, Kwan Moon ;   Thap, Tharoeun ;   Yoon, Kwon-Ha ;   Lee, Jinseok

Tags Clinical engineering

Osteoporosis is associated with low bone mineral density (BMD). Currently, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and quantitative computed...

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Supply Independent Nano-Ampere Current Reference with Reduced Component Spread

Slater, Kyle Damon ;   Gambini, Simone

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyImplantable technologiesImplantable systems

Bias current generators are ubiquitous in analog electronic circuits. Implantable devices often suffer from severe supply voltage variation...

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Supporting in and Off-Hospital Patient Clinical Information Exchange Using Semantically Annotated Web Services

Botsivaly, Maria ;   Tzavaras, Aris ;   Spyropoulos, Basile

Tags Health information system interoperabilityeHealth

It is the purpose of this paper to present the research and development approach of a semantic web based system appropriately designed to...

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Telehealth on Heart Failure: Preliminary Results of the Recap Project

Varon, Carolina ;   Alao, Morenikeji ;   Minter, Jan ;   Stapleton, Michelle ;   Thomson, Stuart ;   Jaecques, Siegfried ;   Brunner-La Rocca, Hans-Peter ;   Van Huffel, Sabine

Tags TelehealthTelemedicineKnowledge discovery and management

The effect of telehealth on physiological parameters like blood pressure and pulse in patients suffering from heart failure (HF) is...

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The Computer Mouse As Health Monitoring Tool Aimed to Alleviate the Negative Impact of Missed Appointments

Bhattacharjee, Priyankar

Tags Emerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryPersonal/consumer health informaticsTelehealth

Missed appointments or patient no shows cause the government a lot of money in the form of financial losses each year, and is responsible...

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The Creation of In-School Tactile Guide Maps for Visually Impaired Children

Nishimura, Takahiro ;   Doi, Kouki ;   Kawano, Masaru ;   Fujimoto, Hiroshi ;   Tanaka, Yoshihiro ;   Sawada, Mayumi ;   Oouchi, Susumu ;   Kaneko, Takeshi ;   Kanamori, Katsuhiro

Tags Tactile displays and perception

In-school tactile guide maps are needed so that visually impaired children attending schools for special needs education (visually impaired) can...

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The Subjective Sensation of the Hand-Transmitted Vibration Modulated by Contact Surface Temperature

Chikai, Manabu ;   Miyake, Hitoshi ;   Ino, Shuichi

Tags Tactile displays and perceptionHaptic interfaces

This paper shows that the temperature of a surface in contact with a hand can significantly change the perception of the vibrations...

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Time-Domain Lossy Transmission Line Modeling of Arterial Tree

Abdollahzade, Majid ;   Kim, Chang-Sei ;   Fazeli, Nima ;   Hahn, Jin-Oh ;   McMurtry, M. Sean ;   Finegan, Barry A.

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCardiovascular system modelingCardiovascular signal processing

In this paper, we present a data-driven method to lossy tube-load modeling of arterial tree in time domain. Using the experimental data...

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Towards Validation of a Model-Based Deformation Correction Approach in Image-Guided Neurosurgery Via Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Clements, Logan ;   Norton, Isaiah ;   Golby, Alex ;   Reid, Thompson ;   Wells, William ;   Miga, Michael

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryImage guided surgeryApplied tissue and organ models and motion analysis

Soft tissue deformation is the primary source of error in conventional image-guided navigation systems for neurosurgical procedures....

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Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in a Child Radius Model

Matsuura, Yuka ;   Mano, Isao ;   Nagatani, Yoshiki ;   Matsukawa, Mami

Tags Physiological monitoring

The safe and non invasive evaluation of children's bone growth is an important issue. Ultrasonic bone densitometry usually measures long...

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Validation of Automatic CPAP Leak Algorithm II

Arora, Anuprita Shiv Kumar Sohanlal ;   Malouf, Gordon Joseph

Tags VentilatorsClinical engineering

Accuracy of the leak detection algorithm of ResMed's Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (with Expiratory Pressure Relief) device was...

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Validation of Leak Algorithm: Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure

Arora, Anuprita Shiv Kumar Sohanlal ;   Malouf, Gordon Joseph ;   Mathur, Meha

Tags VentilatorsClinical engineering

Accuracy of leak detection algorithm of ResMed's Variable Positive Airway Pressure device was validated by comparing 'estimated' patient flow...

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Wireless Platform and Cloud System for AVF Stenosis Monitoring

Huang, Yi-Chun ;   Huang, Yen-Ming ;   Hou, Jen-Cheng ;   Lee, Wen-Ting ;   Yeih, Dong-Feng ;   Chen, Ying-Hsien ;   Lin, Yen-Hung ;   Lu, Shey-Shi

Tags Mobile healtheHealthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

In this study, a wireless platform and cloud system for arteriovenous fistula (AVF) stenosis monitoring is developed. The platform is a...

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