<i>In Silico</i> Simulations of Experimental Protocols for Cardiac Modeling

Carro, Jesús ;   Rodriguez, Jose Felix ;   Pueyo, Esther

Tags Ionic modeling

A mathematical model of the AP involves the sum of different transmembrane ionic currents and the balance of intracellular ionic...

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A Mathematical Model of Bipolar Radiofrequency-Induced Thermofusion

Wagenpfeil, Jay ;   Nold, Bernhard ;   Fischer, Klaus ;   Neugebauer, Alexander ;   Rothmund, Ralf ;   Krämer, Bernhard ;   Brucker, Sara ;   Mischinger, Johannes ;   Schwentner, Christian ;   Schenk, Martin ;   Wallwiener, Diethelm ;   Stenzl, Arnulf ;   Enderle, Markus ;   Sawodny, Oliver ;   Ederer, Michael

Tags Physiological systemsMedical device modelingBiomedical data-driven modeling

Bipolar radiofrequency-induced thermofusion has become a widely accepted method successfully used in open and particularly in...

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A µm-Resolution Heterogeneous Tissue Model for the Magnetic Stimulation of Multifascicular Sciatic Nerve

RamRakhyani, Anil ;   Kagan, Zachary ;   khan, Faisal ;   Warren, David ;   Normann, Richard ;   Lazzi, Gianluca

Tags Multiscale modelingMedical device modelingPhysiological systems

Efficacy of magnetic stimulation of the central or peripheral nervous system depends on the spatial and temporal distribution of the induced...

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Dynamic Blood Flow and Wall Shear Stress in Pulmonary Hypertensive Disease

Postles, Arthur ;   Clark, Alys ;   Tawhai, Merryn

Tags Multiscale modelingAlgorithms and techniques for systems modeling

This study provides a new model of pulsatile flow in the pulmonary circulation in health and pulmonary hypertensive disease. Structural...

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Mathematical Analysis of Mammary Ducts in Lactating Human Breast

Mortazavi, S. Negin ;   Hassiotou, Foteini ;   Geddes, Donna ;   Hassanipour, Fatemeh

Tags Biomechanics modelingMass transfer

This work studies a simple model for milk transport through lactating human breast ducts, and describes mathematically the mass transfer...

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Modeling of Milk Flow in Mammary Ducts in Lactating Human Female Breast

Mortazavi, S. Negin ;   Geddes, Donna ;   Hassanipour, Fatemeh

Tags Mass transferBiomechanics modeling

A transient laminar Newtonian three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation has been studied for milk flow in a phantom model...

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Modeling Prediction of a Generalized Habituation Deficit in Decompensated Tinnitus Sufferers

Haab, Lars ;   Mortezapouraghdam, Zeinab ;   Strauss, Daniel J.

Tags Inverse problems in biologyBiomedical data-driven modelingMedical decision making

The pathologic auditory sensation in decompensated Tinnitus patients is accompanied by the inability to habituate even temporary to this...

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