A Fully-Automatic Fast Segmentation of the Sub-Basal Layer Nerves in Corneal Images

Guimarães, Pedro ;   Wigdahl, Jeffrey ;   Poletti, Enea ;   Ruggeri, Alfredo

Tags Retinal image analysisImage segmentationConfocal microscopy

Corneal nerves changes have been linked to damage caused by surgical interventions or prolonged contact lens wear. Furthermore nerve...

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An Experimental Assessment of Five Indices of Retinal Vessel Tortuosity with the RET-TORT Public Dataset

Lisowska, Aneta ;   Annunziata, Roberto ;   Trucco, Emanuele ;   Karl, David ;   Loh, Graeme Kenneth

Tags Retinal image analysis

We compare the performance of five indices of retinal vessel tortuosity against sampling rates of vessel centerlines. We consider distance...

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Assessment of Vessel Tortuosity in Retinal Images of Preterm Infants

Oloumi, Faraz ;   Rangayyan, Raj ;   Ells, Anna L.

Tags Retinal image analysisImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Diagnosis of plus disease is crucial for timely treatment and management of retinopathy of prematurity. An indicator of the presence of plus...

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Automatic Montaging of Corneal Sub-Basal Nerve Images for the Composition of a Wide-Range Mosaic

Poletti, Enea ;   Wigdahl, Jeffrey ;   Guimarães, Pedro ;   Ruggeri, Alfredo

Tags Confocal microscopyDeformable image registrationRetinal image analysis

We present and discuss a computerized system able to provide a wide-range mosaic of the sub-basal nerve layer of central cornea, built from...

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Detection of Hypertensive Retinopathy Using Vessel Measurements and Textural Features

Agurto Rios, Carla Paola ;   Joshi, Vinayak ;   Nemeth, Sheila ;   Soliz, Peter ;   Barriga, Simon

Tags Retinal image analysisImage classificationImage feature extraction

This paper presents a novel approach that is fully automatic and requires no human intervention to detect hypertensive retinopathy (HR) in...

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Local Patch Reconstruction Framework for Optic Cup Localization in Glaucoma Detection

Xu, Yanwu ;   Quan, Ying ;   Huang, Yi ;   Tan, Ngan Meng ;   Li, Ruoying ;   Duan, Lixin ;   Chen, Lin ;   Liu, Huiying ;   Chen, Xiangyu ;   Wong, Damon ;   Baskaran, Mani ;   Perera, Shamira ;   Aung, Tin ;   Wong, Tien Yin ;   Liu, Jiang

Tags Retinal image analysisImage segmentationOptical imaging

Optic cup localization/segmentation has attracted much attention from medical imaging researchers, since it is the primary image component...

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