A Compact Microwave Patch Applicator for Hyperthermia Treatment of Cancer

Chakaravarthi, Geetha ;   Arunachalam, Kavitha

Tags RF and microwave ablationInterstitial thermal therapy

Design and development of a compact microstrip C-type patch applicator for hyperthermia treatment of cancer is presented. The patch...

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Estimation of Anisotropy Coefficient and Total Attenuation of Swine Liver at 850 Nm Based on a Goniometric Technique: Influence of Sample Thickness

Saccomandi, Paola ;   Vogel, Vitali ;   Bazrafshan, Babak ;   Schena, Emiliano ;   Vogl, Thomas ;   Silvestri, Sergio ;   Mäntele, Werner

Tags Interstitial thermal therapyAblation

Estimation of optical properties of biologic tissue is crucial for theoretical modeling of laser treatments in medicine. Tissue highly absorbs...

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FEM Numerical Model Analysis of Magnetic Nanoparticle Tumor Heating Experiments

Pearce, John Anthony ;   Petryk, Alicia ;   Hoopes, P. Jack Hoopes

Tags AblationRF and microwave ablation

Iron oxide nanoparticles are currently under investigation as heating agents for hyperthermic treatment of tumors. Major determinants of...

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Immediate Response and Cytotoxicity Effect on Myocardial Cells by Extracellular Photosensitization Reaction Varying Irradiance

Ogawa, Emiyu ;   Ito, Arisa ;   Arai, Tsunenori

Tags Ablation

We investigated the extracellular photosensitization effect on myocardial cells using talaporfin sodium at various irradiance measuring cell...

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Magnetic Induction of Electroporation: Numerical Analysis and Technical Limitations

David, Marcelo ;   Golberg, Roman ;   Rubinsky, Boris

Tags AblationDesign and developmentInnovation

Electric fields delivered across biological cells can cause structural and functional changes to the cell membrane, such as electroporation. An...

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Modeling of Lung's Electrical Impedance Using Fractional Calculus for Analysis of Heat Generation During RF-Ablation

Yamazaki, Nozomu ;   Kobayashi, Yo ;   Kikuchi, Hayato ;   Isobe, Yosuke ;   Lu, Xiaowei ;   Miyashita, Tomoyuki ;   Fujie, Masakatsu G.

Tags RF and microwave ablationAblation

Recently, Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) is becoming a popular therapy for various organ cancers such as liver, breast, or lung cancer. RFA...

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