Ballistocardiography for Non-Intrusive Sleep Structure Estimation

Park, Kwang S. ;   Hwang, Suhwan ;   Jung, Dawoon ;   Yoon, Heenam ;   Lee, Won Kyu

Tags Autonomic nervous systemHeart rate variabilityObstructive sleep apnea

Based on the its nonintrusive characteristics, ballistocardiography(BCG) has applied in the estimation of sleep structure without attaching...

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Evaluation of Ensemble Averaging Methods in 3D Ballistocardiography

Lejeune, Laurent ;   Caiani, Enrico ;   Prisk, Gordon Kim ;   Migeotte, Pierre-Fran├žois

Tags Nonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsSignal processing in physiological systems

Ballistocardiography (BCG) is a non-invasive technique which measures the acceleration of a body induced by cardiovascular activity, namely...

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Standing Ballistocardiography Measurements in Microgravity

McCall, Corey ;   Stuart, Zachary ;   Wiard, Richard M. ;   Inan, Omer ;   Giovangrandi, Laurent ;   Cuttino, Charles M. ;   Kovacs, Gregory T.A.

Tags HemodynamicsCardiovascular signal processing

The performance and practicality of a scale-based ballistocardiogram (BCG) system for hemodynamic monitoring of astronauts on extended...

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Tracking Clinical Status for Heart Failure Patients Using Ballistocardiography and Electrocardiography Signal Features

Etemadi, Mozziyar ;   Hersek, Sinan ;   Tseng, Jocelyn ;   Rabbani, Naveed ;   Heller, James Alexander ;   Roy, Shuvo ;   Klein, Liviu ;   Inan, Omer

Tags Heart failureHemodynamicsCardiovascular signal processing

Heart failure (HF) is an escalating public health problem, with few effective methods for home monitoring. In hospitalized HF patients,...

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Wearable Ballistocardiography: Preliminary Methods for Mapping Surface Vibration Measurements to Whole Body Forces

Wiens, Andrew ;   Etemadi, Mozziyar ;   Klein, Liviu ;   Roy, Shuvo ;   Inan, Omer

Tags HemodynamicsCardiovascular flow and hemodynamicsCardiovascular signal processing

The recent resurgence of ballistocardiogram (BCG) measurement and interpretation technologies has led to a wide range of powerful tools...

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