3D CT to 2D Low Dose Single-Plane Fluoroscopy Registration Algorithm for In-Vivo Knee Motion Analysis

Akter, Masuma ;   Lambert, Andrew John ;   Pickering, Mark ;   Scarvell, Jennie ;   Smith, Paul

Tags X-ray CTImage denoisingMultimodal image fusion

A limitation to accurate automatic tracking of knee motion is the noise and blurring present in low dose Xray fluoroscopy images. For more...

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Characterization of Myocardial Iron Overload by Dual-Energy Computed Tomography Compared to T2* MRI. a Phantom Study

Ibrahim, El-Sayed ;   Bowman, Andrew

Tags X-ray CTDual-energy X-ray imagingX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

Iron toxicity plays a key role in tissue damage in patients with iron overload, with induced heart failure being the main cause of death....

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Does Malpositioning of the Arm Influence Radiographic Range of Motion Measurement?

Chapleau, Julien ;   LagacĂ©, Pierre-Yves ;   Canet, Fanny ;   Hagemeister, Nicola ;   Rouleau, Dominique

Tags X-ray radiographyImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

Purpose: Radiographic range of motion measurement of the elbow has been shown to be both precise and reliable. For this method to be used...

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Estimation of Liver Iron Concentration by Dual Energy CT Images: Influence of X-Ray Energy on Sensitivity

Malvarosa, Ilaria ;   Massaroni, Carlo ;   Liguori, Carlo ;   Paul, Jijo ;   Beomonte Zobel, Bruno ;   Saccomandi, Paola ;   Vogl, Thomas ;   Silvestri, Sergio ;   Schena, Emiliano

Tags Dual-energy X-ray imagingX-ray CTX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

In hemochromatosis an abnormal accumulation of iron is present in parenchymal organs and especially in liver. Among the several techniques...

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Non-Convex Compressed Sensing CT Reconstruction Based on Tensor Discrete Fourier Slice Theorem

Chun, Il Yong ;   Adcock, Ben ;   Talavage, Thomas

Tags X-ray CTImage reconstruction - performance evaluationIterative image reconstruction

X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanners provide clinical value through high resolution and fast imaging. However, achievement of higher...

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Radiation Dose Reduction in CBCT Imaging Using K-Edge Filtering and Energy Weighting

Kang, Se Ryong ;   Lee, Woo-Jin ;   Woo, Sangyoon ;   Kim, Dae-Seung ;   Yi, WonJin

Tags Contrast-enhanced X-ray imagingImage filteringIterative image reconstruction

This paper presents K-edge filtering and energy weighting methods which enhance the contrast with less radiation does. Usually, energy...

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