Automatic Carotid Centerline Extraction from Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Doppler Images

Parrini, Simone ;   Zhang, Lu ;   Condino, Sara ;   Ferrari, Vincenzo ;   Caramella, Davide ;   Ferrari, Mauro

Tags Doppler ultrasonic imagingUltrasonic vascular imagingImage feature extraction

Vessel lumen centerline extraction is an important issue for the intra-operative guidance of endovascular instruments; furthermore, vessel...

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Automatic Dissociation between Microvasculature and Larger Vessels for Ultrasound Contrast Imaging

Perperidis, Antonios ;   Thomas, David ;   Averkiou, Michalakis ;   Duncan, William Colin ;   McNeilly, Alan ;   Butler, Mairead ;   Sboros, Vassilis

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingMultivariate image analysisDoppler ultrasonic imaging

Microvasculature density (MVD) provides an established biomarker for the prognosis of numerous diseases associated with abnormal...

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Stabilization Technique for Real-Time High-Resolution Vascular Ultrasound Using Frequency Domain Interferometry

Taki, Hirofumi ;   Taki, Kousuke ;   Yamakawa, Makoto ;   Shiina, Tsuyoshi ;   Kudo, Motoi ;   Sato, Toru

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingImage enhancementCardiac imaging and image analysis

We have proposed an ultrasound imaging method based on frequency domain interferometry (FDI) with an adaptive beamforming technique to...

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The Effect of Acute Coronary Perfusion Change on Cardiac Function Measured by Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging

Vejdani-Jahromi, Maryam ;   Kiplagat, Annette ;   Trahey, Gregg ;   Wolf, Patrick

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imagingElastographyCardiac imaging and image analysis

The possibility of measuring cardiac function noninvasively has generated wide interest in elastography imaging techniques. Shear Wave...

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Toward a Reduced-Wire Readout System for Ultrasound Imaging

Lim, Jaemyung ;   Arkan, Evren Fatih ;   Degertekin, Levent ;   Ghovanloo, Maysam

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technologyUltrasonic vascular imagingUltrasonic cardiac imaging

We present a system-on-a-chip (SoC) for use in high-frequency capacitive micromachined ultrasonic trans-ducer (CMUT) imaging systems. This...

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Two-Dimensional Blood Flow Vectors Obtained with Bidirectional Doppler Ultrasound

Masuno, Genta ;   Nagaoka, Ryo ;   Omori, Aiko ;   Akagawa, Osamu ;   Ishikawa, Yasuo ;   Arakawa, Mototaka ;   Saijo, Yoshifumi

Tags Doppler ultrasonic imagingUltrasonic vascular imagingUltrasonic cardiac imaging

Precise measurement of blood flow is important because blood flow closely correlates formation of thrombus and atherosclerotic plaque. Among...

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