Adaptive Coherent Averaging for Real-Time Electrocardiogram Enhancement

Robinson, Brent W. ;   Saquib, Mohammad

Tags Adaptive filteringSignal processing in physiological systemsCoherence in biomedical signal processing

This paper presents an adaptive coherent averaging structure capable of removing broad-band interference from the electrocardiogram (ECG)...

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Automatic Selection of Optimal Savitzky-Golay Filter Parameters for Coronary Wave Intensity Analysis

Rivolo, Simone ;   Nagel, Eike ;   Smith, Nicolas ;   Lee, Jack

Tags Biomedical simulation involving signal processingAdaptive filteringSignal processing in physiological systems

Coronary Wave Intensity Analysis (cWIA) is a technique capable of separating the effects of proximal arterial haemodynamics from cardiac...

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Bounded-Observation Kalman Filtering of Correlation in Multivariate Neural Recordings

Kafashan, MohammadMehdi ;   Palanca, Ben ;   Ching, ShiNung

Tags Multivariate signal processingKalman filteringConnectivity measurements

A persistent question in multivariate neural signal processing is how best to characterize the statistical association between brain regions...

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Continuous Motion Decoding from EMG Using Independent Component Analysis and Adaptive Model Training

Zhang, Qin ;   Xiong, Caihua ;   Chen, Wenbin

Tags Data mining in biosignalsAdaptive filteringMarkov models in signal pattern classification

Surface Electromyography (EMG) is popularly used to decode human motion intention for robot movement control. Traditional motion decoding...

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Multi-Kinect Skeleton Fusion for Physical Rehabilitation Monitoring

Li, Saiyi ;   Pathirana, Pubudu N. ;   Caelli, Terry

Tags Kalman filtering

Kinect has been increasingly applied in rehabilitation as a motion capture device. However, the inherent limitations significantly hinder its...

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The Impact of Head Movements on EEG and Contact Impedance: An Adaptive Filtering Solution for Motion Artifact Reduction

Mihajlovic, Vojkan ;   Patki, Shrishail ;   Grundlehner, Bernard

Tags Adaptive filteringCoherence in biomedical signal processingSignal processing in physiological systems

Designing and developing comfortable and convenient EEG system for daily usage that provides reliable and robust EEG signal, encompasses a...

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