A Multichannel Current Stimulator Chip for Spatiotemporal Pattern Stimulation of Neural Tissues

Kameda, Seiji ;   Hayashida, Yuki ;   Tanaka, Yuta ;   Akita, Dai ;   Yagi, Tetsuya

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsPhysiological monitoringMicrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systems

We developed a prototype very-large-scale integration chip of a multichannel current stimulator for stimulating neural tissues by utilizing 0.25...

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A Novel Biphasic-Current-Pulse Calibration Technique for Electrical Neural Stimulation

Ren, Maohua ;   Zhang, Jinyong ;   Wang, Lei ;   Wang, Zhenyu

Tags Prosthetic devicesImplantable systemsImplantable sensors

One of the major challenge in neural prosthetic device design is to ensure charge-balanced stimulation. This paper presents a new calibration...

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Analysis of Dual-Task Elderly Gait Using Wearable Plantar-Pressure Insoles and Accelerometer

Howcroft, Jennifer Dawn ;   Lemaire, Edward ;   Kofman, Jonathan ;   McIlroy, William E.

Tags New sensing techniquesBody sensor networks and telemetric systemsWearable systems

Dual-task gait allows assessment of impaired executive function and mobility control in older individuals, which are risk factors of falls. This...

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Analytical Model for Real Time, Noninvasive Estimation of Blood Glucose Level

Adhyapak, Anoop ;   Venkataraman, Jayanti ;   Sidley, Matthew

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

The paper presents an analytical model to estimate blood glucose level from measurements made non-invasively and in real time by an antenna...

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Calibration of a 3D Endoscopic System based on Active Stereo Method for Shape Measurement of Biological Tissues and Specimen

Furukawa, Ryo ;   Aoyama, Masahito ;   Hiura, Shinsaku ;   Aoki, Hirooki ;   Kominami, Yoko ;   Sanomura, Yoji ;   Yoshida, Shigeto ;   Tanaka, Shinji ;   Sagawa, Ryusuke ;   Kawasaki, Hiroshi

Tags New sensing techniquesOptical and photonic sensors and systems

For endoscopic medical treatment, measuring the size and shape of the lesion, such as a tumor, is important for the improvement of diagnostic...

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Modelling and Design of a Capacitive Touch Sensor for Urinary Tract Infection Detection at the Point-Of-Care

Rodrigues Barbosa, C├ítia Sofia ;   Dong, Tao

Tags New sensing techniquesBioelectric sensing methodsPhysiological monitoring

Due to great use of touchscreens in mobile telephones and other electronic devices, there has been great evolution in this technology. Its...

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Single-Phase Dielectrophoretic and Electrorotation Studies Using Three Dimensional Electrodes for Cell Characterization

Taruvai Kalyana Kumar, Rajeshwari ;   Cherukuri, Kavya ;   Prasad, Shalini

Tags Micrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systemsNew sensing techniques

A novel electrokinetic approach using single-phase electrorotation for the label-free manipulation and characterization of biological cells is...

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System-In-Package Solution for a Low-Power Active Electrode Module

Wang, Lei

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsIntegrated sensor systemsWearable systems

This paper presents the design of system in package for a low-power active electrode module. The main aim of this research is to provide a...

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Three-Dimensional Super-Wideband Micro-Antenna for High-Resolution Millimeter-Wave Medical Imaging

Mirbeik, Amir ;   Tavassoli, Vahid ;   Ayazi, Farrokh ;   Tavassolian, Negar

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyIntegrated sensor systemsMicro- and nano-sensors

This paper reports on a novel super-wideband micro-hemispherical antenna with application in millimeter-wave medical imaging. The antenna is...

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