A Medication Adherence Monitoring System for Pill Bottles Based on a Wearable Inertial Sensor

Chen, Chen ;   Kehtarnavaz, Nasser ;   Jafari, Roozbeh

Tags Personal health systemsEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryDecision support methods and systems

This paper presents a medication adherence monitoring system for pill bottles based on a wearable inertial sensor. Signal templates...

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A Real Time Study of the Human Equilibrium Using an Instrumented Insole with 3 Pressure Sensors

Abou Ghaida, Hussein ;   Mottet, Serge ;   Goujon, Jean-Marc

Tags Personal health systemseHealthTechnology and services for home care

The present work deals with the study of the human equilibrium using an ambulatory e-health system. One of the point on which we focus is...

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Analysis of Actigraph Parameters for Relapse Prediction in Bipolar Disorder: A Feasibility Study

Novak, Daniel ;   Albert, Filip ;   Spaniel, Filip

Tags Personal health systemsComputer-aided decision makingPersonalised health

The paper presents a framework for early iden- tification of prodromal syndroms od mania or depression in bipolar disorder. The framework...

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Assessing the Privacy Policies in Mobile Personal Health Records

Cruz-Zapata, Belen ;   Hernandez NiƱirola, Antonio ;   Fernandez Aleman, Jose Luis ;   Toval, Ambrosio

Tags Mobile healthPersonal health systemsPersonal/consumer health informatics

The huge increase in the number and use of smartphones and tablets has led health service providers to take an interest in mHealth. Popular...

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Comparative Assessment of Sleep Quality Estimates Using Home Monitoring Technology

Perez-Macias, Jose Maria ;   Jimison, Holly ;   Korhonen, Ilkka ;   Pavel, Michael

Tags Personal health systemsSmart home technologyPersonalised health

Poor sleep quality is associated with chronic diseases, weight increase and cognitive dysfunction. Home monitoring solutions offer the...

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Physical Activity Recognition Based on Rotated Acceleration Data Using Quaternion in Sedentary Behavior : A Preliminary Study

Shin, Young Eun ;   Choi, Woo-hyuk ;   Shin, Taemin

Tags Personal health systemsDecision support methods and systemsMobile health

This paper suggests a physical activity assessment method based on quaternion. To reduce user inconvenience, we measured the activity using...

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Unobtrusive Monitoring of ECG-derived Features During Daily Smartphone Use

Kwon, Sungjun ;   Kang, Seungwoo ;   Lee, Youngki ;   Yoo, Chungkuk ;   Park, Kwang S.

Tags Personal health systemsMobile healthEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

Heart rate variability (HRV) is known to be one of the representative ECG-derived features that are useful for diverse pervasive healthcare...

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Validity of Association Rules Extracted by Healthcare-Data-Mining

Takeuchi, Hiroshi ;   Kodama, Naoki

Tags Personal health systemsData miningMobile health

A personal healthcare system used with cloud computing has been developed. It enables a daily time-series of personal health and lifestyle...

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