Detection of Diabetic Foot Hyperthermia by Infrared Imaging

Vilcahuaman, Luis ;   Harba, Rachid ;   Zequera Diaz, Martha Lucia ;   Wilches Pérez, Carlos Andrés ;   Arista, Maria Teresa ;   Canals, Raphael ;   Torres, Harold Lizardo ;   Arbanil, Hugo

Tags Ambulatory and ADL technologiesClinical testing/clinical trialsWellness monitoring technologies

In diabetic foot, the occurrence of an ulcer is often associated with hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is defined as a temperature greater than...

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Multi-Model Data Fusion to Improve an Early Warning System for Hypo-/Hyperglycemic Events

Botwey, Ransford ;   Daskalaki, Elena ;   Diem, Peter ;   Mougiakakou, Stavroula

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systems

Correct predictions of future blood glucose levels in individuals with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) can be used to provide early warning of upcoming...

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Postprandial Blood Glucose Control in Type 1 Diabetes for Carbohydrates with Varying Glycemic Index Foods

Hashimoto, Shogo ;   Yamamoto Noguchi, Claudia Cecilia ;   Furutani, Eiko

Tags Artificial organs (incl heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, retina)Design controls

Treatment of type 1 diabetes consists of maintaining postprandial normoglycemia using the correct prandial insulin dose according to food...

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Reducing Risk of Closed Loop Control of Blood Glucose in Artificial Pancreas Using Fractional Calculus

Ghorbani, Mahboobeh ;   Bogdan, Paul

Tags Artificial organs (incl heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, retina)Biofeedback and related technologiesDesign controls

Healthcare costs in the US are among the highest in the world. Chronic diseases such as diabetes significantly contribute to these extensive...

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