An Ocular Compression Device for Reduction of Elevated Post Anesthetic Intra Ocular Pressure

SP, Preejith ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar ;   Venkatakrishnan, Jaichandran

Tags Design and development

Rise in Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP), after administration of regional ophthalmic anesthesia for surgery, is a commonly observed clinical...

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Design an Easy-To-Use Infection Screening System for Non-Contact Monitoring of Vital-Signs to Prevent the Spread of Pandemic Diseases

Sun, Guanghao ;   Nguyen, Vinh Quang ;   Matsuoka, Ayumu ;   Miyata, Keisuke ;   Chen, Chris ;   Ueda, Akiko ;   Kim, Seokjin ;   Hakozaki, Yukiya ;   Abe, Shigeto ;   Takei, Osamu ;   Matsui, Takemi

Tags Design and developmentClinical testing/clinical trialsInnovation

The outbreak of infectious diseases such as influenza, dengue fever, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) are threatening the...

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Development and Validation of a Tactile Sensitivity Scale for Peripheral Neuropathy Screening

D'Angelo, Maria Laura ;   Cannella, Ferdinando ;   Liberini, Paolo ;   Caldwell, Darwin G.

Tags Clinical testing/clinical trialsDesign and developmentPoint of care diagnostic lab technologies

One of the difficult of the hands peripheral neuropathy screening uncertainty is that the current diagnosis is based not on assessments...

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Dual Patch Antenna Sensor for Pneumothorax Diagnosis: Sensitivity and Performance Study

Christopoulou, Maria ;   Koulouridis, Stavros

Tags Personalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsDesign and developmentBiofeedback and related technologies

Pneumothorax may cause serious health problems and often death if medical and surgical treatment is delayed. The absence of reliable, safe,...

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Synthetic Optimization of Air Turbine for Dental Handpieces

Shi, Zhongyuan ;   Dong, Tao

Tags Design and developmentProduct development processClinical engineering

A synthetic optimization of Pelton air turbine in dental handpieces concerning the power output, compressed air consumption and rotation...

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