A Novel Level Set Method for Segmentation of Left and Right Ventricles from Cardiac MR Images

Liu, Yu ;   Li, Chunming ;   Guo, Shuxu ;   Song, Yihua ;   Zhao, Yue

Tags Image segmentationCardiac imaging and image analysis

In this paper, we propose a novel level set method for segmentation of cardiac left and right ventricles based on the distance regularized...

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A Semi-Automated Image Segmentation Approach for Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies of Aortic Dissection

Anderson, Jeff ;   Karmonik, Christof ;   Georg, Yannick ;   Bismuth, Jean ;   Lumsden, Alan ;   Schwein, Adeline ;   Ohana, Mickael ;   Thaveau, Fabien ;   Chakfe, Nabil

Tags Image segmentationCardiac imaging and image analysisImage feature extraction

Computational studies of aortic hemodynamics require accurate and reproducible segmentation of the aortic tree from whole body, contrast...

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Adaptive Automatic Segmentation of Leishmaniasis Parasite in Indirect Immunofluorescence Images

Ouertani, Ferdaous ;   Amiri, Hamid ;   Bettaieb, Jihene ;   Yazidi, Rihab ;   Bensalah, Afif

Tags Image segmentationFluorescence microscopyImage feature extraction

This paper describes the first steps for the automation of the serum titration process. In fact, this process requires an Indirect...

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Left Ventricle Segmentation by Dynamic Shape Constrained Random Walks

Yang, Xulei ;   Su, Yi ;   Wan, Min ;   Yeo, Si Yong ;   Lim, Calvin ;   Wong, Sum Thai ;   Zhong, Liang ;   Tan, Ru San

Tags Image segmentationCardiac imaging and image analysis

Accurate and robust extraction of the left ventricle (LV) cavity is a key step for quantitative analysis of cardiac functions. In this study,...

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Longitudinal In-Vivo Volumetry Study for Porcine Liver Regeneration from CT Data

Zhou, Jiayin ;   Huang, Weimin ;   Chang, Stephen KY ;   Xiong, Wei ;   Oo, Thiha ;   Chen, Wenyu

Tags Image segmentationImage classification

The use of hepatic-like cloned cord lining epithelial cells (CLEC) to enhance liver regeneration has been proposed, but has not been properly...

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Multi-Focus Image Fusion Using Epifluorescence Microscopy for Robust Vascular Segmentation

Pelapur, Rengarajan ;   Prasath, V. B. Surya ;   Bunyak, Filiz ;   Glinskii, Olga ;   Glinsky, Vladislav ;   Huxley, Virginia ;   Palaniappan, Kannappan

Tags Image segmentationFluorescence microscopyMultiscale analysis

Automatic segmentation of three-dimensional microvascular structures is needed for quantifying morphological changes to blood vessels during...

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Segmentation and Artifact Removal in Microwave-Induced Thermoacoustic Imaging

Nan, Hao ;   Chou, Tzu-Chieh ;   Arbabian, Amin

Tags Image segmentationImage denoisingImage filtering

Microwave-induced thermoacoustic (TA) imaging combines the soft-tissue dielectric contrast of microwave excitation with the resolution of...

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SVM-MRF Segmentation of Colorectal NBI Endoscopic Images

Hirakawa, Tsubasa ;   Tamaki, Toru ;   Raytchev, Bisser ;   Kaneda, Kazufumi ;   Koide, Tetsushi ;   Kominami, Yoko ;   Yoshida, Shigeto ;   Tanaka, Shinji

Tags Image segmentationImage classification

In this paper we investigate a method for segmentation of colorectal Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) endoscopic images with Support Vector Machine...

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Video Surveillance of Epilepsy Patients Using Color Image Processing

Bager, Gitte ;   Vilic, Kenan ;   Vilic, Adnan ;   Alving, Jørgen ;   Wolf, Peter ;   Sams, Thomas ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extraction

This paper introduces a method for tracking patients under video surveillance based on a color marker system. The patients are not...

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