A Mixed Effects Model Framework for the Assessment of Nonlinear Interactions in Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) Elicited by Identical Successive Stimuli

Loizides, Charalambos ;   Achilleos, Achilleas ;   Iannetti, Gian Domenico ;   Mitsis, Georgios D.

Tags Signals and systemsSignal processing in physiological systemsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

The recording of brain event-related potentials(ERPs) is a widely used technique to investigate the neural basis of sensory perception and...

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Adaptation of Five Indirect Insulin Sensitivity Evaluation Methods to Three Populations: Metabolic Syndrome, Athletic and Normal Subjects

Altuve, Miguel ;   Severeyn Varela, Erika ;   Wong C, Sara

Tags Signals and systemsMultivariate signal processingBiomedical simulation involving signal processing

Insulin sensitivity is determined using direct or indirect methods. Indirect methods are less invasive than direct methods, but have lower...

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Brain Source Localization in the Presence of Leadfield Perturbations

Momin, Rabiya ;   Mir, Hasan ;   Al-Nashash, Hasan

Tags Signals and systemsNonstationary processing of biomedical signals

This paper studies the performance of the recently developed G-MUSIC algorithm as applied to the problem of brain source localization. G-MUSIC...

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Ionic Channel Changes in Glaucomatous Retinal Ganglion Cells: Multicompartment Modeling

Maturana, Matias ;   McKendrick, Allison Maree ;   Turpin, Andrew ;   Kameneva, Tatiana

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsSignals and systemsNonlinear dynamics in biomedical signals

This research takes a step towards discovering underlying ionic channel changes in the glaucomatous ganglion cells. Glaucoma is characterized...

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Laguerre-Volterra Model and Architecture for MIMO System Identification and Output Prediction

Li, Will X. Y. ;   Xin, Yao ;   Chan, Rosa H. M. ;   Song, Dong ;   Berger, Theodore ;   Cheung, Ray C. C.

Tags Signals and systemsSignal processing in physiological systemsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

A generalized mathematical model is proposed for behaviors prediction of biological causal systems with multiple inputs and multiple outputs...

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Model of Human Breathing Reflected Signal Received by PN-UWB Radar

Mabrouk, Mohamed ;   Rajan, Sreeraman ;   Bolic, Miodrag ;   Batkin, Izmail ;   Dajani, Hilmi ;   Groza, Voicu

Tags Signals and systemsBiomedical simulation involving signal processing

Human detection is an integral component of civilian and military rescue operations, military surveillance and combat operations. Human...

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Towards Robust HD EMG Pattern Recognition: Reducing Electrode Displacement Effect Using Structural Similarity

Boschmann, Alexander ;   Platzner, Marco

Tags Signals and systemsBiomedical signal classification

Even small changes of electrode recording sites after training a classifier heavily influence robustness and usability of traditional pattern...

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