Bio-Adhesive Hydrogel Arrays for Tumor Cell Engineering

Singh, Ankur

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyBio-nano technologyImplantable technologies

Chemotherapy drugs often show variable success rate, a fact that has virtually not changed over decades. There is a clear need for more...

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Cancer Cell Migration Technology for Compound Screening

Stephanie, Lemmo ;   Tavana, Hossein

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyMicrofluidics in biological applicationsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

Cell migration is a key step toward metastatic progression of epithelial cancers. Blocking cancer cells motility can potentially block metastasis....

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Force Sensing at Adhesions Using Sparsity Regularization Schemes

Han, Sangyoon ;   Danuser, Gaudenz

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsMicro- and nano-sensorsBio-nano technology

Traction force microscopy (TFM) is a widely used force sensor that measures mechanical forces of a cell. Existing force reconstruction...

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Microfluidic Devices for Biomechanical Phenotyping of Cancer Cells in Flow

Vanapalli, Siva

Tags Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicrofluidics in biological applications

Microfluidic devices for mechanical characterization of tumor cells based on flow-induced squeezing of tumor cells through constricted...

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Modular Dendron Micelles for Controlled Cell Interactions

Hong, Seungpyo ;   Hsu, Hao-Jui ;   Pearson, Ryan

Tags Bio-nano technology

In this study, we systematically investigate the relationship between end-group charge effects and PEG chain lengths on cellular interactions...

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Multifunctional Unimolecular Micelles for Targeted Neuroendocrine Cancer Therapy

Gong, Shaoqin ;   Jaskula-Sztul, Renata ;   Xu, Wenjin ;   Chen, Guojun ;   Dammalapati, Ajitha ;   Sadak, Omer ;   Harrison, April ;   Zheng, Qifeng ;   Nair, Renu ;   Korlesky, Colin ;   Cheng, Yi-Qiang ;   Chen, Herbert

Tags Bio-nano technologyMicro- and nano-technology

Carcinoids are gastrointestinal (GI) neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) occurring throughout the GI tract which produce hormones causing the...

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