Engineering a Parallel Universe: Simulating Patient-Specific Virtual Controls to Predict and Optimize Cancer Therapy

Swanson, Kristin

Tags Patient stratificationMedical decision makingBiomedical data-driven modeling

Mathematical neuro-oncology (MNO) is a young and burgeoning field that leverages patient-specific mathematical models to quantify neurological...

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In Vivo Imaging to Drive Patient Specific Tumor Forecasts

Yankeelov, Thomas ;   Weis, Jared ;   Hormuth, David ;   Barnes, Stephanie ;   McKenna, Matthew ;   Rericha, Erin ;   Quaranta, Vito ;   Miga, Michael

Tags Biomedical data-driven modeling

To predict therapy response in the individual patient, models should be initialized and constrained by patient specific data. Here we describe...

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Integrated Imaging Analysis and Mathematical Oncology in Human Pancreatic Cancer

Koay, Eugene ;   Cristini, Vittorio ;   Fleming, Jason ;   Ferrari, Mauro ;   Crane, Christopher

Tags Multiscale modelingMass transferPhysiome modeling

Understanding the mechanisms influencing the heterogeneous responses of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) to cytotoxic therapy may...

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Personalizing Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment – Coupling Clinical Data, Models, and Decision Support

Ho, Thang ;   Parker, Robert

Tags Medical decision makingPhysiological systemsPK/PD

Chemotherapy for solid tumors presents a challenging problem where anticancer efficacy and systemic toxicity are balanced by the clinician....

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