Increased Ipsilateral Cortical Activity As a Function of Shoulder Abduction Loading: Evidence for an Increased Reliance on Reticulospinal Pathways

Chen, Albert ;   Yao, Jun ;   Dewald, Julius P. A.

Tags Brain functional imaging - EEGNeurological disorders - StrokeMotor neuroprostheses - Robotics

Chronic, moderately to severely impaired hemiparetic stroke survivors have difficulty making reaching movements when abducting the shoulder in...

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Modulating Reflexive Feedback Gains Recorded by Diagnostic Robots

van der Helm, Frans C.T. ;   Schouten, Alfred

Tags Brain functional imaging - EEGHuman performance - Modelling and predictionNeuromuscular systems - Computational modeling

Robots imposing force perturbation in combination with advanced system identification techniques enable recording of non-linear and...

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Unilateral Stroke Produces Hemisphere Specific Deficits in Both Arms

Mani, Saandeep ;   Good, David ;   Sainburg, Robert

Tags Motor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsNeuromuscular systems - Central mechanismsNeuromuscular systems - Computational modeling

Cerebral lateralization is a major organizational feature of the animal nervous system that can result in hemisphere specific motor deficits in...

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Voxel Lesion Symptom Mapping of Proprioception Following Stroke

Findlater, Sonja Elaine ;   Kenzie, Jeffrey ;   Semrau, Jennifer ;   Herter, Troy ;   Scott, Stephen H. ;   Dukelow, Sean P.

Tags Neurological disorders - StrokeBrain functional imaging - MappingHuman performance - Sensory-motor

Proprioception is classically considered to consist of two subcomponents - position sense and movement sense (kinesthesia). We used a robotic...

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