An Integrated Passive-Flow Microfluidic Biosensor with Organic Photodiodes for Ultra-Sensitive Pathogen Detection in Water

Pires, Nuno M.M. ;   Dong, Tao

Tags Micro- and nano-sensorsIntegrated sensor systemsChemo/bio-sensing techniques

This work reports on integrated passive-flow optical microfluidic devices to detect waterborne pathogens in the field. Ring-shaped organic...

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Design and Analysis of a Low Actuation Voltage Electrowetting-On-Dielectric Microvalve for Drug Delivery Applications

Samad, Mst Fateha ;   Kouzani, Abbas Z.

Tags Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsPortable miniaturized systemsMicro- and nano-technology

This paper presents a low actuation voltage microvalve with optimized insulating layers that manipulates a conducting ferro-fluid droplet by...

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Fabrication and Characterization of a Microfluidic Module for Chemical Gradient Generation Utilizing Passive Pumping

Kuo, Jonathan T.W. ;   Li, Connie ;   Meng, Ellis

Tags Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicrofluidics in biological applications

We introduce a micro-biochemical administration module (uBAM) for generating chemical gradients for use in axonal guidance studies. The device...

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Internal Stress Distributions Created in Gelatin Simulated-Brain Tissue by a Pulsed Laser-Induced Liquid Jet

Kato, Takashi ;   Arafune, Tatsuhiko ;   Washio, Toshikatsu ;   Nakagawa, Atsuhiro ;   Ogawa, Yoshikazu ;   Tominaga, Teiji ;   Sakuma, Ichiro ;   Kobayashi, Etsuko

Tags Microfluidics in biological applicationsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

Transsphenoidal surgery is currently employed to treat complex lesions beyond the sella turcica; however, the procedure can be limited by...

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MWCNTs-Like Protection Layer Formation on Bacterial Cellulose Bundles As a Potential Material for Suspended Resonator

Lee, Yin Tung ;   Qiu, Xing ;   Yung, Pun To

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyMicro- and nano-sensorsNew sensing techniques

Suspended carbon naotubes (CNTs) resonator is a sensitive detector for chemical and biological applications. Small sizes of CNTs can enhance...

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Separation and Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells from Whole Blood Using a Bypass Integrated Microfluidic Trap Array

Yoon, Yousang ;   Cho, Sunki ;   Kim, Seonil ;   Choi, Eunsuk ;   Kim, Rae-Kwon ;   Lee, Su-Jae ;   Sul, Onejae ;   Lee, Seung-Beck

Tags Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicrofluidics in biological applicationsMicrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systems

We report on a microfluidic trap array that separates and captures circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from whole blood. The device is a series...

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