A Theoretical Analysis of the Electrogastrogram (EGG)

Calder, Stefan ;   Cheng, Leo K ;   Du, Peng

Tags Physiome modelingMultiscale modeling

In this study, a boundary element model was developed to investigate the relationship between the gastric electrical activity, also known as...

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Effects of Heterogeneity on Propagation in a Computationally Inexpensive 2D Model of the Heart

Konakanchi, Deepika ;   de Jongh Curry, Amy ;   Dokos, Socrates

Tags Physiological systemsMultiscale modelingMedical device modeling

We have developed a computationally inexpensive, two-dimensional, bidomain model of the heart to demonstrate the effect of tissue...

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Electrophysiological Properties Under Heart Failure Conditions in a Human Ventricular Cell: A Modeling Study

Elshrif, Mohamed ;   Cherry, Elizabeth ;   Shi, Pengcheng

Tags Cell modelingIonic modeling

Heart failure (HF) is one of the major diseases across the world. During HF the electrophysiology of the failing heart is remodeled, which...

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Heterogeneous Postsurgical Data Analytics for Predictive Modeling of Mortality Risks in Intensive Care Units

Chen, Yun ;   Yang, Hui

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingMining clinical dataMedical decision making

The rapid advancements of biomedical instrumentation and healthcare technology have resulted in data-rich environments in hospitals. However,...

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Parallel Computing Simulation of Electrical Excitation and Conduction in the 3D Human Heart

Yang, Hui ;   Du, Dongping

Tags Biomechanics modelingStructured data visualizationBiomedical data-driven modeling

A correctly beating heart is important to ensure adequate circulation of blood throughout the body. Normal heart rhythm is produced by the...

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Parameters Analysis of FitzHugh-Nagumo Model for a Reliable Simulation

Xu, Binbin ;   Binczak, St├ęphane ;   Jacquir, Sabir ;   Pont, Oriol ;   Yahia, Hussein

Tags Physiological systemsIonic modelingParameter estimation

Derived from the pioneer ionic Hodgkin-Huxley model and due to its simplicity and richness from a point view of nonlinear dynamics, the...

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