Blind Deconvolution in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI and Ultrasound

Jirik, Radovan ;   Soucek, Karel ;   Mezl, Martin ;   Bartos, Michal ;   Drazanova, Eva ;   Drafi, Frantisek ;   Grossova, Lucie ;   Kratochvila, Jiri ;   Macicek, Ondrej ;   Nylund, Kim ;   Hampl, Ales ;   Gilja, Odd ;   Taxt, Torfinn ;   Starcuk, Zenon jr.

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIUltrasonic vascular imaging

This paper is focused on quantitative perfusion analysis using MRI and ultrasound. In both MRI and ultrasound, most approaches allow estimation...

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Closed-Form Solution of the Convolution Integral in the Magnetic Resonance Dispersion Model for Quantitative Assessment of Angiogenesis

Turco, Simona ;   Janssen, Augustus J. E. M. ;   Lavini, Cristina ;   de la Rosette, Jean J ;   Wijkstra, Hessel ;   Mischi, Massimo

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIParametric image reconstructionImage classification

Prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis and treatment is still limited due to the lack of reliable imaging methods for cancer localization. Based on...

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Contrast Dispersion Imaging for Cancer Diagnostics

Mischi, Massimo ;   Wijkstra, Hessel

Tags Functional image analysisContrast-enhanced dynamic MRIImage feature extraction

Cancer growth is associated with angiogenic processes in many types of cancer. Several imaging strategies have therefore been developed...

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Techniques and Applications of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Cancer

Barnes, Stephanie ;   Whisenant, Jennifer ;   Li, Xia ;   Yankeelov, Thomas

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIFunctional image analysis

We first discuss several key technical issues associated with quantitative dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI),...

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The Implementation of Acoustic Angiography for Microvascular and Angiogenesis Imaging

Dayton, Paul ;   Gessner, Ryan ;   Phillips, Linsey ;   Shelton, Sarah ;   Martin, K. Heath ;   Lee, Mike ;   Foster, F. Stuart

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technology

Recently, it has been demonstrated that through the use of contrast agents and multi-frequency transducer technology, high resolution and...

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The Ovine Corpus Luteum Angiogenesis Model: A Tool for Developing Imaging Technology

Sboros, Vassilis

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imaging

Robust tools for the quantitation of perfusion are not fully developed using contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS). The ovine corpus luteum...

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