Analysis of HEp-2 Images Using MD-LBP and MAD-Bagging

Schaefer, Gerald ;   Doshi, Niraj ;   Zhu, Shao Ying ;   Hu, Qinghua

Tags Fluorescence microscopyImage classification

Indirect immunofluorescence imaging is employed to identify antinuclear antibodies in HEp-2 cells which founds the basis for diagnosing...

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Axonal Transport Velocity Estimation from Kymographs Based on Curvilinear Feature Extraction and Spline Fitting

NAIR, ALKA ;   Ramanarayanan, Sriprabha ;   Ahlawat, Shikha ;   Koushika, Sandhya ;   Joshi, Niranjan ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar

Tags Confocal microscopyImage enhancement

Axonal transport velocities are obtained from spatio-temporal maps called kymographs developed from time lapse confocal microscopy movies of...

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BiofilmQuant: A Computer-Assisted Tool for Dental Biofilm Quantification

Mansoor, Awais ;   Patsekin, Valery ;   Scherl, Dale ;   Robinson, J. Paul ;   Rajwa, Bartlomiej

Tags Fluorescence microscopyImage segmentationImage classification

Dental biofilm is the deposition of microbial material over a tooth substratum. Several methods have recently been reported in the literature...

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Cell Penetrating Peptide Mediated Quantum Dot Delivery and Release in Live Mammalian Cells

Xu, Jianquan ;   Yu, Yiyi ;   Lee, Hao-Chih ;   Fan, Qirui ;   Winter, Jessica ;   Yang, Ge

Tags Fluorescence microscopyOptical imaging

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor nanocrystals whose unique fluorescence properties make them desirable biological imaging probes....

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Microscopic Imaging of Electrical Current Distribution at the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface

Jia, Wenyan ;   Wu, Jiamin ;   Gao, Di ;   Sun, Mingui

Tags Fluorescence microscopyElectrical source imaging techniquesElectrical impedance imaging techniques

A method to directly visualize electrical current distribution at the electrode-electrolyte interface of a biopotential electrode is presented...

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Toward Lower Contrast Computer Vision in Vivo Flow Cytometry

Markovic, Stacey ;   Siyuan, Li ;   Zhang, Tianxue ;   Niedre, Mark

Tags Fluorescence microscopyOptical imagingImage feature extraction

There are many applications in biomedical research where detection and enumeration of circulating cells (CCs) is important. Existing techniques...

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