"Skin-Like" Epidermal Electronics for Electrophysiological Applications

Jeong, Jae-Woong ;   Rogers, John

Tags Wearable systemsMicro- and nano-technologyBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

We present an ultra-thin, flexible, and stretchable class of electronics that can be conformally laminated onto the skin. This unusual type of...

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Aqueous Biphasic Printing of Tumor Spheroids

Atefi, Ehsan ;   Stephanie, Lemmo ;   Tavana, Hossein

Tags Microfluidics in biological applicationsMicro- and nano-technologyMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

We present a new microtechnology for high throughput production of cancer cell spheroids to allow screening of anti-cancer compounds with...

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Microscale Engineering of Vascular Morphogenesis

Song, Jonathan

Tags Microfluidics in biological applicationsBiological sensors and systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

Angiogenesis requires the coordinated growth and migration of endothelial cells (ECs), and each EC residing in a vessel wall integrates local...

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Non-Invasive Mechanical Characterization of Adherent Cells

Park, Kidong ;   Bashir, Rashid

Tags New sensing techniquesMechanical sensors and systemsBiological sensors and systems

Mechanical properties reflects various cellular properties and it is of primary concern to characterize them with high-throughput. In this...

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