A "Smart" Cloud-Based Network of Systems for Medical Data Integration and Response

Chan, Clarence ;   Boribalburephan, Perut ;   Wei, Alexander ;   Ser, Sang

Tags BME and global healthBME undergraduate research

Current medical information is unstructured and scattered across a multitude of medical facilities and devices. Despite being rich in the...

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A Platform for Automated Diagnosis of Speech and Hearing Disorders

Song, Xinyu ;   Ledbetter, Noah ;   Barbour, Dennis

Tags BME and global health

Hearing and listening disabilities affect millions of children in the United States and are a critical public health concern. Early detection and...

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An Innovative, Smartphone NFC Powered, Wearable Battery-Free Biosensor for Real Time Monitoring of Diabetes

Fajardo Cortes, Jonathan ;   Bramm, Antonius

Tags BME undergraduate researchBME and global health

Safety, portability and out of pocket costs are key aspects nowadays. The possibility to control glucose levels anytime from the palm of...

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Blood Lipid Profiling Using a Lab-On-Chip Device Powered by Acoustic Sounds Waves

Moradi, Kamran ;   El-Zahab, Bilal

Tags BME and global healthNovel approaches to BME educationCareer development in BME

Developing a lab-on-chip for a vital healthcare application is proposed in the application. The approach is innovative, multidisciplinary, and...

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Community-Based, Non-Invasive Screening Device for Maternal Anemia

Parlato, Michael ;   Polhemus, Ashley ;   Colbert, Kevin ;   Budman, Joshua ;   Enten, Aaron ;   Mayya, Vaishakhi ;   Acharya, Soumyadipta

Tags BME and global health

Maternal anemia is a global health burden causing significant morbidity and mortality. A substantial number of women are unable to receive...

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Gamifying Health Data Collection

Wakabayashi, Mariko ;   Kunde, RJ ;   Olson, Tom ;   Gupta, Shravan ;   Lee, Seungchul ;   Chakraborty, Ronit ;   Cho, Jason Hyun Duk

Tags Novel approaches to BME educationTeaching designInstruction and learning

Abstract - Given the prevalence of smart phones and mobile applications in use today, researchers and medical professionals are being...

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Portable Spirometer for Improved Asthma Management

Dieffenderfer, James ;   Brown, Mike ;   Williams, Spencer ;   Johnson, Leigh

Tags BME and global healthInstruction and learningCareer development in BME

In order to allow physicians to better understand the respiratory impairment of their patients, we have developed the VitalFlo spirometer....

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