A Transdisciplinary Approach to Wearables, Big Data and Quality of Life

Park, Sungmee ;   Jayaraman, Sundaresan

Tags Personal health systemsBody sensor networksKnowledge discovery and management

Today, the term "wearable" goes beyond the traditional definition of clothing; it refers to an accessory that enables personalized mobile...

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Automatic Identification of Solid-Phase Medication Intake Using Wireless Wearable Accelerometers

Wang, Rui ;   Sitová, Zde?ka ;   Jia, Xiaoqing ;   He, Xiang ;   Abramson, Tobi ;   Gasti, Paolo ;   Balagani, Kiran ;   Farajidavar, Aydin

Tags Technology and services for assisted-livingDecision support methods and systemsWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

We have proposed a novel solution to a fundamental problem encountered in implementing non-ingestion based medical adherence monitoring...

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Comparative Study of T-Amplitude Features for Fitness Monitoring Using the Epatch ECG Recorder

Thorpe, Julia Rosemary ;   Saida, Trine Gro ;   Mehlsen, Jesper ;   Mehlsen, Anne-Birgitte ;   Langberg, Henning ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Technology and services for home careBody sensor networksTelehealth

This study investigates ECG features, focusing on T-wave amplitude, from a wearable ECG device as a potential method for fitness monitoring...

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High Performance Flexible Electronics for Biomedical Devices

Salvatore, Giovanni Antonio ;   Munzenrieder, Niko ;   Petti, Luisa ;   Zysset, Christoph ;   Kinkeldei, Thomas ;   Troster, Gerhard

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsPersonal health systemsBody sensor networks

Plastic electronics is soft, deformable and lightweight and it is suitable for the realization of devices which can form an intimate interface...

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Posture and Activity Recognition and Energy Expenditure Prediction in a Wearable Platform

Sazonova, Nadezhda ;   Browning, Raymond ;   Melanson, Ed ;   Sazonov, Edward

Tags Mobile healthPersonal health systemsWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

The use of wearable sensors coupled with the processing power of mobile phones may be an attractive way to provide real-time feedback...

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The Social Comfort of Wearable Technology and Gestural Interaction

Dunne, Lucy ;   Profita, Halley ;   Zeagler, Clint ;   Clawson, James ;   Gilliland, Scott ;   Do, Ellen Yi-Luen ;   Budd, Jim

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

The "wearability" of wearable technology addresses the factors that affect the degree of comfort the wearer experiences while wearing a...

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