An Assistive Controller for a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation after Stroke, and Preliminary Assessment Thereof

Murray, Spencer ;   Ha, Kevin H. ;   Goldfarb, Michael

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitationHuman performance - Activities of daily livingHuman performance - Gait

This paper describes a novel controller, intended for use in a lower-limb exoskeleton, to aid gait rehabilitation in patients with hemiparesis...

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An Open and Configurable Embedded System for EMG Pattern Recognition Implementation for Artificial Arms

Liu, Jun ;   Zhang, Fan ;   Huang, He

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitationNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsMotor neuroprostheses - Prostheses

Pattern recognition (PR) based on electromyographic (EMG) signals has been developed for multifunctional artificial arms for decades. However,...

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Cooperation of Electrically Stimulated Muscle and Pneumatic Muscle to Realize RUPERT Bi-Directional Motion for Grasping

Tu, Xikai ;   He, Jiping ;   Wen, Yue ;   Huang, Jian ;   Huang, Xinhan ;   Huang, Hailong ;   Guo, Meng ;   Yuan, Yong

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Reaching and graspingWearable systems for neurorehabilitation

Robot-assisted rehabilitation is an active area of research to meet the demand of repetitive therapy in stroke rehabilitation. Robotic...

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Daily-Life Monitoring of Stroke Survivors Motor Performance: The INTERACTION Sensing System

Tognetti, Alessandro ;   Lorussi, Federico ;   Carbonaro, Nicola ;   De Rossi, Danilo ;   De Toma, Gianluca ;   Mancuso, Carlo ;   Paradiso, Rita ;   Luinge, Henk ;   Reenalda, Jasper ;   Droog, Ed ;   Veltink, Peter

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitationWearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Functional assessmentWearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Reaching and grasping

The objective of the INTERACTION Eu project is to develop and validate an unobtrusive and modular system for monitoring daily life activities,...

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Development of a Clinician Worn Device for the Evaluation of Abnormal Muscle Tone

Brokaw, Elizabeth ;   Heldman, Dustin ;   Plott, Robert ;   Rapp, Edward ;   Montgomery, Erwin ;   Giuffrida, Joseph

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitationNeurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniques

Neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy commonly result in abnormal muscle hyperactivity that negatively effects functional use of the...

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The Variable Relationship between Arm and Hand Use: A Rationale for Using Finger Magnetometry to Complement Wrist Accelerometry When Measuring Daily Use of the Upper Extremity

Rowe, Justin ;   Friedman, Nizan ;   Chan, Vicky ;   Cramer, Steven C. ;   Bachman, Mark ;   Reinkensmeyer, David J.

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitationHuman performance - Activities of daily livingNeuromuscular systems - Central mechanisms

Wrist-worn accelerometers are becoming more prevalent as a means to assess use of the impaired upper extremity in daily life after stroke....

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