Development and Initial Testing of a Novel Slime Mould Biosensor

Whiting, James Gerald Holland ;   de Lacy Costello, Ben ;   Adamatzky, Andrew

Tags Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesChemical sensors and systemsBiological sensors and systems

A plurality of whole cell biosensors have been developed using many different cell types. Biosensors incorporate biomolecular components or...

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Evaluation of a Novel Tracking System in a Breathing Lung Model

O'Donoghue, Kilian ;   Cantillon-Murphy, Padraig ;   O'Shea, Conor ;   Corvó, Alberto ;   Nardelli, Pietro ;   Ali Kahn, Kashif ;   Kennedy, Marcus

Tags Magnetic sensors and systems

We present the evaluation of an electromagnetic position tracking system for use with virtual bronchoscopy systems. Our system utilises a...

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Evolution of the Complex Permittivity of Biological Tissue at Microwaves Ranges: Correlation Study with Burn Depth

Brusson, Matthieu ;   Rossignol, Jérome ;   Binczak, Stéphane ;   Laurent, Gabriel

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsBiological sensors and systemsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

The evolution of the muscle tissue's complex permittivity represents a growing interest in terms of characterization in medicine and biology....

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Non Invasive Method to Detect the Changes of Glucose Concentration in Whole Blood Using Photometric Technique

Rajan, Shiny Amala Priya ;   Towe, Bruce

Tags Biological sensors and systemsNew sensing techniques

A non-invasive method is developed to monitor rapid changes in blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. The system depends on an optical cell...

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Non-Invasive Electrohysterogram Recording Using Flexible Concentric Ring Electrode

Ye Lin, Yiyao ;   Alberola-Rubio, Jose ;   Prats-Boluda, Gema ;   Bueno-Barrachina, Jose Manuel ;   Perales, Alfredo ;   Valero, Javier ;   Desantes, Domingo ;   Garcia-Casado, Javier

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsPhysiological monitoring

Non-invasive electrohysterogram (EHG) recording could provide valuable information about uterine dynamics. Bipolar EHG has usually been...

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System-Level Design of an RFID Sweat Electrolyte Sensor Patch

Rose, Daniel ;   Hou, Linlin ;   Ratterman, Michael ;   Papautsky, Ian ;   Heikenfeld, Jason

Tags Biological sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoringLow power, wireless sensing methods

Wearable digital health devices are dominantly found in rigid form factors such as bracelets and pucks. An adhesive RFID sensor bandage...

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